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Contaminants rising, but quality goes up

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Contaminants rising, but quality goes up

September 18, 2013 - 23:38

Jinzhou Paper boosts quality and efficiency on all four packaging machines with on-line Kadant MultiJet systems to remove stickies and contaminants.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, Sept. 19, 2013 (PPI Magazine) -

Jinzhou Paper is an important customer for Kadant in China, employing complete fiber processing lines for PM 1 through PM 4. Kadant is also a preferred supplier for steam joints, steam systems, doctors and doctor blades, and high-pressure shower oscillators.

Contaminants rising,but quality goes up

Packaging paper producer Dongguan Jinzhou Paper in Guangdong Province, China, has built a reputation for top quality corrugated medium and testliner grades, more than 700,000 tonnes/yr of super clean production.

It remains committed to delivering a range of strong, consistent sheets, which fold and print well. After continuously improving for over 10 years, it would be easy for them to be comfortable with the status quo.

However, Jinzhou Paper continues to implement modern technologies to run even better. And running clean machines is even more challenging today, because contaminants in the waste paper raw material continues to rise.

"You can't repeat your success in the exact same way, because the raw material keeps changing, often getting worse. In addition, the marketplace continues to expect better printability and strength," says Yan Honglin, deputy general manager, Jinzhou Paper."The best way for us to further reduce defects is to run even cleaner, regardless of the contaminants in the waste furnish," adds Liu Youxin, assistant deputy general manager.

Says Yan, "We decided to install MultiJet modular cleaning systems on all four machines. We now effectively skim the surface of dryer fabrics and also perform in-depth cleaning. The cleaning power of high-pressure water with a robust evacuation and air knife system from Kadant has proven to be extremely effective."

Jinzhou Paper has four machines. PM 1 and PM 2 are from Valmet Xian, started in 2003, and produce corrugated medium with production capacity of 300,000 tonnes/yr. PM 3 and PM 4 were supplied by Shanghai Qingliang, and started producing testliner with production capacity of 450,000 tonnes/yr in 2012.

Efficiency of Production Has Improved, As Has Quality

Xiangnian Shan, vice president of sales and marketing, Kadant Johnson (Wuxi), adds, "Product quality and high productivity have an edge when MultiJet is in place, because the common cause of breaks and imperfections in the sheet are the result of stickies lodged onto the dryer fabrics. Jinzhou Paper knew that they would run better with a proactive system in place to eliminate stickies." Adds Yan, "When we remove contaminants from the dryer fabrics, other benefits include energy savings from increased drying efficiency and longer fabric life.