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Russia's APPM completes first stage installation of equipment on BM 2; to stop production for final upgrade in Jan 2019

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Russia's APPM completes first stage installation of equipment on BM 2; to stop production for final upgrade in Jan 2019

July 31, 2018 - 06:16
  • NOVODVINSK, Russia, July 30, 2018 (Press Release) -
  • In January 2019 APPM will stop BM-2 for a final upgrade
  • В январе 2019 г. на АЦБК начнется останов КДМ-2

JSC "Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill" finished the first stage of installation of the equipment of a new slitting machine and new transport and packaging line of the board machine No.2 (BM-2) at the Cardboard production.

As Vladimir Krupchak, the member of the Board of APPM detailed, according to the plan of 2018 the following works were fulfilled: installation a new slitting machine and its drives at the point of 6.00 m, partial installation of transport and packaging line at the point of 6.00 (which have no conflicts with the existing equipment) and partial installation of the equipment in the warehouse.

He also said that the BM-2 will be stopped in January 2019 for final installation of all parts of the new modular designed unit of Valmet Technologies Inc, including the completion of installations of new slitting machine and new transport and packaging line, as well as the automated technological process control system of "DNA" system.

Vladimir Krupchak stressed that installation of the new BM-2 would take place in the building of the existing workshop, while BM-1 would operate as usual: "The concept of the final works on the BM-2, approved by Valmet’s specialists, excludes any violations of the planned figures of the BM-1 in the 1st quarter of the next year."

Let’s recall that the project "Technical re-equipment of BM-2 of JSC “Arkhangelsk PPM" is a part of the priority investment project (PIP) "Reconstruction of Cardboard Production". The uniqueness of this project was the application of the most advanced in Russia energy-efficient equipment with low environmental impact and maximum automation of all processes and connections.

"It will be in fact a new BM, combining all the most advanced elements: a new vacuum system will increase productivity of the machine and reduce fresh water consumption; a new shoe press will improve the quality of kraftliner and fluting and enhance power efficiency; a new reel section and the parent reel transferring system will completely eliminate manual labor, - Heinz Zinner, the Chairman of the Board, said. - Reconstruction of BM-2 and installation of energy-efficient equipment of Valmet Technologies will reduce the load on the environment e.g. water consumption, water disposal and energy consumption. The reduction in power consumption will amount approximately to 5%, and reduction of production water consumption will be equal to 12%."

Completely updated BM-2 at Arkhangelsk PPM will be the largest and the most advanced board machine in Russia. The trim width is 6.3 m, the designed speed for the base substance 125 g/m2 – 800 m/min, for 100 g/m2 and below – 1000 m/min, the working capacity is over 300 000 t / year.

The BM-2 will produce fluting and kraftliner.

The main business goal of the 2nd stage of the PIP is to increase the capacity of containerboard production up to 605 thousand tons per annum