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SCA launches Container Express from Sweden to the continent

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SCA launches Container Express from Sweden to the continent

February 25, 2010 - 17:34
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SUNDSVALL, Sweden, Feb. 24, 2010 (Press Release) -SCA Transforest's new Container Express set out on its maiden voyage from Sundsvall on Wednesday, 24 February. The new container vessel satisfies the growing demand for container freight between Sweden and the continent for further transport to and from the whole world.

Despite the recession, the flow of container goods between the European continent and ports in the north of Sweden is growing. Container transports are increasing for both export products leaving Northern Sweden and goods to consumers and industry in the region.

To address this growing demand, SCA Transforest is deploying a new cargo-vessel, Container Express, to service the Umeå-Sundsvall-Hamburg route. The vessel will operate according to a fixed schedule on a ten-day cycle.

"Container goods allow us to efficiently alternate between sea, rail and truck transport and to connect to the large flows of goods in the world," says Nils-Johan Haraldsson, Marketing Manager at SCA Transforest. "We have used containerized freight for 15 years now and have seen the demand rise. The volume of cargo to and from Northern Sweden has reached such a high level that we have now decided to deploy a full-size container vessel to enable us to satisfy the growing demand. Efficient container transports benefit trade and industry in the region."

"Hamburg is a major international port and from here, goods can be shipped onward aboard large ocean-going vessels to and from markets throughout the world."

SCA Transforest's new Container Express is just over 140 meters in length. It has a draught of 9.5 meters and can transport 809 TEUs 20-foot containers per journey