Is there a lack of empty containers?

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Is there a lack of empty containers?

March 23, 2020 - 13:24
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One of the big questions in the transport and shipping industry is whether there is a lack of empty containers because of COVID-19.

At the Port of Gothenburg, developments are closely monitored, and the situation is described as relatively bright.

Elvir Dzanic, CEO, Gothenburg Port Authority, commented: “The conclusion on our part is that the supply of empty containers is still good after all. This may change in the future, and we are of course monitoring developments continuously. But after talking with our business partners in and around the port, I can conclude that Gothenburg is doing well in a Swedish context. The shortage will be noticeable mainly in smaller port clusters“, he said.

The container terminal operator at the Port of Gothenburg, APM Terminals, also sees no container shortages at present. The terminal continues to be fully allocated on empty containers on its mainliner, handling direct traffic between Sweden and Southeast Asia every week.