US rail freight posts more gains; pulp and paper lower

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US rail freight posts more gains; pulp and paper lower

June 18, 2010 - 12:21
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SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2010 (RISI) -The Assn of American Railroads reported US freight railroads continue to post traffic gains over 2009 levels. US railroads originated 288,973 carloads in the week ended June 12, up 10.5% from the comparable week in 2009. However, carloads were still down 10.3% from the same week in 2008.

Carload volume on Eastern railroads was up 12.6% from last year, but down 14.9% from 2008. In the West, carload volume was up 9.1% from last year but down 6.9% from two years ago.

US pulp and paper rail freight at 5,451 carloads for the week ending June 12 was down 7.5% and through 23 weeks of 2010 at 126,134 carloads was 3.5% lower than in 2009. Canadian pulp and paper freight for the week at 3,325 carloads was down 3.2% and year-to-date at 78,751 carloads was 1.4% lower. Mexican volume was down 30.3% and 44% respectively.

Combined North American wood products and lumber freight for the week at 4,796 carloads was up 6.6% and year-to-date at 111,483 carloads was 11% higher than in 2009. North American primary forest products volumes was higher by 16% and 11.9%, AAR showed.