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North American rail carriers report mixed pulp and paper carloads through end of July from year ago

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North American rail carriers report mixed pulp and paper carloads through end of July from year ago

August 08, 2016 - 17:02
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OAKLAND, CA, Aug. 8, 2016 (RISI) -Several major North American railroad carriers reported mixed pulp and paper freight results in the week and year-to-date periods ending July 30.

Canadian Nationalpulp and paper carloads in the week ending July 30 were down 7.9% to 3,200 carloads and through 30 weeks of 2016 were 6.9% lower to 96,253 carloads. Lumber/wood surged 24.9% in the week and were 9.6% higher year-to-date.

CSXreported its pulp and paper freight in the week ending July 30 was down 19.3% to 2,649 carloads and year-to-date was 10.2% lower to 83,542 carloads. Lumber/wood was off 0.6% in the week and down 2% year-to-date.

Union Pacificshowed weekly pulp and paper freight was down 7% to 1,737 carloads and year-to-date was 7% lower to 50,157 carloads. Lumber/wood was down 2% in the week and flat year-to-date.

BNSF Railwayreported its weekly pulp and paper volume rose 8.4% to 1,426 carloads and year-to-date was up 1% to 41,263 carloads. Lumber/wood was up 11.7% and 3.4% respectively.

Canadian Pacificshowed pulp and paper volume in the week was up 12.9% to 725 carloads and year-to-date was 6.3% higher to 23,392 carloads. Lumber/wood was up 3.6% and 16.5% respectively.

North American forest products railroad freight through 30 weeks ending July 30 was down 3.3% to 544,380 carloads, and for the week was off 0.9% to 18,007 carloads, theAssn of American Railroadsreported.

US forest products freight through July 30 was down 7.4% to 306,976 carloads, and for the week was 8.1% lower to 10,329 carloads. Canadian volume year-to-date was up 2.9% to 236,694 carloads and for the week rose 11.2% to 7,670 carloads. Mexico was lower by 44.6% and 77.8% respectively.

AAR showed total North American carloads were down 11.2% through July 30, with coal down 27.5%, petroleum down 18.8% and chemicals off 0.1% from a year ago.

“Rail traffic continues to reflect the uncertainty rail customers face in a challenging economic environment,” AAR said, noting that rail intermodal remained off from 2015's record traffic level while carloads showed a small improvement in coal and a bit of an improvement in grain.