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New Leaf Paper joins U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership to assess environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains

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New Leaf Paper joins U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership to assess environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains

April 20, 2021 - 11:09
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WALNUT CREEK, CA, April 20, 2021 (PRNewswire) -New Leaf Paper today announced that it joined the SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry that provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains.

New Leaf Paper will contribute to the Partnership's savings of 312 million barrels of oil, $41.8 billion on fuel costs, 133 metric tons of carbon dioxide, 2.6 million tons of nitrogen oxides and 109 million tons of PM. This is equivalent to eliminating annual energy use in over 20 million homes. By joining SmartWay Transport Partnership, New Leaf Paper continues to solidify and demonstrate its commitment to business sustainability and environmental leadership.

"SmartWay is the perfect environmentally friendly collaboration for us," said Shannon Bone, New Leaf Paper director, sustainable partnerships. "We are committed to offering our clients sustainable solutions, not only with their paper needs, but also with their overall business, including supply and delivery. We want our clients to know that our commitment to the environment and to combating destructive climate change extends to all of our business practices, which ultimately helps everyone be more sustainable."

Developed jointly in early 2003 by EPA and Charter Partners represented by industry stakeholders, environmental groups, American Trucking Associations, and Business for Social Responsibility, this innovative program was launched in 2004. Partners rely upon SmartWay tools and approaches to track and reduce emissions and fuel use from goods movement. The partnership currently has over 3,000 Partners including shipper, logistics companies, truck, rail, barge, and multimodal carriers.

New Leaf Paper

New Leaf Paper is the leading national supplier for environmentally responsible paper solutions, focusing on developing and supplying sustainable, superior papers with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber (PCRF). The goal is to inspire — through success — a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. New Leaf Paper is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, capturing and reusing as much waste as possible, and minimizing all resources used in the production of printing, writing, publishing and communication papers.

New Leaf Paper is a Certified B-Corporation, Certified Woman-Owned Business, and FSC certified. Our papers are made in the USA, processed chlorine-free, and contain Ancient Forest Friendly certification.