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Material handling equipment manufacturer David Round moves to larger facility in Ohio

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Material handling equipment manufacturer David Round moves to larger facility in Ohio

July 04, 2010 - 21:50
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STREETSBORO, OH, July 1, 2010 (PRNewswire) -The David Round Company, Inc. has announced that is has purchased a new manufacturing facility located in Streetsboro, Ohio. Effective July 1, 2010 the company will consolidate its operations into the new headquarters after operating in Solon, Ohio for over 50 years. The David Round Company has been a fixture in Northeast Ohio for over 141 years and is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment.

"We needed a larger facility to accommodate our growth and help improve manufacturing efficiencies," said Bradley R. Young, president of David Round. "By more than doubling our size, we can better handle both growing sales from our traditional hoist, winch and crane products and from newer acquisitions."

Established in 1869, The David Round Company remains one of the oldest hoist manufacturers in the world. The company offers standard industrial material handling products such as chain hoists, jib cranes, winches and tractor drives as well as innovative solutions that include engineered wire rope hoists and jib crane motorization kits.

David Round also produces a complete line of stainless steel hoist, stainless steel winch, stainless steel crane and stainless steel portable crane products which are used throughout the pharmaceutical, food processing and electronics industries where clean room manufacturing dictates rust-free and paint-free material handling equipment.

The company's recently acquired Ruger Industries division manufacturers portable floor crane products. These items are also known as "engine crane" or "shop crane" products. They are highly maneuverable, ergonomic alternatives to traditional forklifts, and provide many benefits for repetitive lifting and transport in manufacturing and maintenance applications.

Major corporations and engineering firms routinely ask David Round to produce items which are non-standard for other material handling equipment suppliers. The company excels at designing and producing custom engineered lifting equipment, purpose-built to tailor to special environments and applications.

Found in almost every industry from drug processing and food manufacturing to oil and gas, aviation, pulp and paper and water control, David Round's products improve handling system efficiency while making the workplace a more productive and safer environment through their ergonomic designs.