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G2 Ocean to strengthen its digital footprint

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G2 Ocean to strengthen its digital footprint

November 13, 2019 - 11:26
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Developing, implementing and providing new digital solutions to its customers lies at the core of G2 Ocean’s business.

Since the company launched in 2017, it has had a continuous focus on developing and implementing new digital solutions for its customer, employees and partners. There have been several and projects within the digitalisation drive of G2. In 2018, the company initiated over ten innovation projects, one of them being the Smart Bill of Lading (B/L) project. The project uses blockchain technology to issue and distribute Bill of Lading and other belonging shipping documents, and a pilot trial was successfully completed in co-operation with three of G2 Ocean’s customers in February this year.

“The aim of the Smart B/L pilot project was to digitalize the process of distributing and handling Bill of Lading between all parties involved, and create an agile, cost-efficient and trustworthy means of transferring ownership of the documents“, Vice President Innovation/Project Cargo Leif Arne Strømmen says.