European Core Board Association asks for free movement of goods

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European Core Board Association asks for free movement of goods

March 23, 2020 - 13:19
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The European Association of Core board (ECBA) in Brussels, Belgium, which represents about 90% of all European Coreboard producers is asking for free movements of core board and cores.

In some members states the production and transport of coreboard is hampered based on the current corona virus measurements.

Coreboard products are at the base of the supply chain in a large deal of industries, and discontinuity in its production would lead to a dangerous shortage in the manufacturing of tubes and cores, which are the main technical support to produce several papers and fabrics for the continuity of essential supplies in this dramatic moment.

Just to mention a few fields whose production would be jeopardized by a shortage in core board production, we name hygienic papers, non-woven materials, fabrics, paper and board, plastic films. Many of these products are vital for important application in sectors like medical, health and hygienic.

In many EU member states application has been made to group cores and paper as “system relevant” within the scope of the Directive CS 2008/ 10934 “on the Identification and Designation of European Critical Infrastructures and the Assessment of the Need to Improve their Protection”.