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Graphic Packaging Europe wins Masternaut Gold Fleet award for reducing its CO2 output in the UK

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Graphic Packaging Europe wins Masternaut Gold Fleet award for reducing its CO2 output in the UK

August 06, 2019 - 09:43
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ATLANTA, Aug. 6, 2019 (Press Release) -Leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions for food, beverage, foodservice and other consumer products, Graphic Packaging International Europe (“GPI”) has been awarded the Masternaut Gold Fleet award.

Working with fleet telematics provider Masternaut, GPI used fleet management telemetry and data to reduce the environmental impact of its logistics operations across its UK supply chain, and in doing so has achieved the Masternaut Gold Fleet award for reduction in its CO2output.

To facilitate a lower environmental impact, GPI invested heavily in fuel-efficient DAF trucks and added hybrid vehicles to the company car fleet. They were also able to use data insights provided by Masternaut to identify more eco-friendly processes in the logistical supply chain. Changes and considerations included improved fleet maintenance, new technology, assessment of driving behaviours and more efficient routing choices.

Ian Widdowson, group warehouse and distribution manager at Graphic Packaging International commented, “As a business, we understand how critical sustainability is to our customers and to how we operate our business as a leading packaging provider. Being resource-efficient is woven into the fabric of the organisation, and we welcome every opportunity to further reduce our environmental impact. This award reflects the commitment we’ve made to our environmental performance and our team is delighted to be recognised for our efforts.”

The Masternaut Gold Fleet award recognises important reductions in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the manufacturing and logistics industry. To be eligible, businesses must demonstrate a year-on-year MPG (miles per gallon) improvement of greater than 5%, or consistently 5% above the Masternaut benchmark figures. Masternaut can directly measure the MPG figures from vehicle telemetry, and figures are independently verified by a third party. Graphic Packaging International achieved a 10% improvement for 2018, reducing CO2emissions by 110,887kg. The business has also laid out plans to further improve the environmental performance of its fleet logistics, including additional truck replacements in the future.