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Antalis' 100% recycled paper range Cocoon chosen by Paris transit company RATP for its communication needs

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Antalis' 100% recycled paper range Cocoon chosen by Paris transit company RATP for its communication needs

May 19, 2016 - 07:23
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BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France, May 12, 2016 (Press Release) -A  key  player  in  sustainable  transport,  RATP, the  fifth  biggest public transport company worldwide, extends its commitment to sustainability to its communication services,  by  using  environmentally-friendly  paper  for  the  company’s  various  communication  needs (annual  report, financial  reports, brochures…). The extra white, 100% recycled paper  range Cocoon from Antalis, Europe’s leading paper merchant, was chosen for all of their publications thanks to its strong environmental performance and excellent printing results.

“Cocoon is very pleasant to  the  touch  and is  also  good value  for money. These qualities, combined with its positive environmental credentials which correspond  to our CSR  strategy, make  the Cocoon paper  range  an  ideal  choice  for  our  service”,  stated  Ariane  Ramboer, head of Corporate Communications and CSR Reporting.  “Furthermore, we were impressed  by its performance as even dark photos for example printed perfectly.  I’ve only had positive feedback internally, so much so that other teams in the communications department have also been won over, and now use Cocoon”.

The  RATP’s corporate communications service continues to print documents such as activity and finance reports as these strategic documents are often handed in person to elected officials or key figures at events or trade shows. In addition, these types of publications are more easily read in print format than on a screen.

Paper is also the medium of choice for the company’s social, economic and services brochures. “For each of our publications we wanted a simple, elegant paper with good bulk. Cocoon perfectly meets all of these criteria. Another considerable benefit is that the paper is made in France”. Thanks to the environmental  calculator  available  on  the  Antalis website, the  RATP can quickly see the natural resources saved by using recycled paper.

“Paper is essential in any comprehensive CSR policy” stresses Stéphane Courtot, President of Antalis France and managing  director  of Antalis Western Europe.  “By using recycled paper or paper made from certified virgin fibres, companies such as the RATP also act as responsible citizens by supporting the development of sustainably-managed forests”.

Cocoon is a 100% recycled paper, with a five star rating according to the Green Star System, a classification system which takes into account essential information on the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process. It attributes each paper product a star rating from zero to five ‘green stars’, based on its environmental performance.

About Antalis

Antalis is the leading paper, packaging and visual communications merchant in Europe. As number 2 worldwide with a turnover of 2.625 billion in 2015, the group employs 5,800 people  serving over 123,000  clients, companies and printers, in 43 countries via their 107 distribution centres.  Antalis carries out 14,000 deliveries each day worldwide and distributes 1.7 million tons of paper per year on a global level.  Antalis is the distribution branch of Sequana.