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Cascade’s innovation first hand at the 2019 Transport Symposium

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Cascade’s innovation first hand at the 2019 Transport Symposium

September 23, 2019 - 06:41
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Cascade’s H-Series familiy of Paper Roll Clamps offers fast, effective material handling for ports, paper mills, converters and distributors.

At the 23rd Transport Symposium in Tarragona, the supplier exibited it‘s 38H Paper Roll Clamp, an ideal tool for handling large rolls of all types and grades of paper. With a variety of clamp arm configurations and pad surface types, it can be optimized to meet specific needs.

At its booth, the company also gave visitors a close-up look at its damage reduction solutions. Hydraulic Force Control, or HFC, automatically senses the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift a load and adjusts clamping pressure proportional tot he load weight, reducing the risk of clamping the load with too much or too little force. The innovative HFC+, na new accessory for paper roll handling, combines the efficiency of the HFC with a dual cylinder hydraulic system. This enables a single paper roll clamp to automatically apply the ideal clamp force for different size ranges of paper rolls. HFC+ allows for incredible versatility in paper roll handling as well as decreased costs and downtime.