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Mediterranean Shipping Company introduces Equipment Imbalance Surcharge

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Mediterranean Shipping Company introduces Equipment Imbalance Surcharge

November 24, 2020 - 03:00
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IPSWICH, UK, Nov. 24, 2020 (Press Release) -Due to the strong demand of containers for European exports (20’, 40’, 40’HC), and consequent need of costly ad hoc inventory repositioning, MSC will implement an Equipment Imbalance Surcharge (EBS) for cargo moving from Europe to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

As of 23 November 2020 (booking date) until further notice, the EBS Equipment Imbalance Surcharge will be charged:

Export from HAMBURG, ANTWERP, LE HAVRE, ROTTERDAM to INDIA – PAKISTAN – SRI LANKA – BANGLADESH – MALDIVES : USD 200 per 40' DRY/HC container, not applicable to 20 ft containers.

The EBS is effective as from the sailing date of MSC MARIA SAVERIA IS050A,  LE HAVRE IP050A & EUGEN MAERSK 050E:

  • LE HAVRE IP050A: ETD ROTTERDAM 10.12.20 - ETD ANTWERP 12.12.20 - ETD LE HAVRE 16.12.20
  • MSC MARIA SAVERIA IS050A: ETD HAMBURG 10.12.2020 - ETD ANTWERP 13.12.20 - ETD ROTTERDAM 15.12.20
  • EUGEN MAERSK 050E: ETD HAMBURG 11.12.20 - ETD ANTWERP 14.12.20 - ETD LE HAVRE 18.12.20