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UK's Copeland Council suspends cardboard collection at its recycling sites

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UK's Copeland Council suspends cardboard collection at its recycling sites

November 18, 2015 - 17:45
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WHITEHAVEN, UK, Nov. 11, 2015 (Press Release) -Cardboard collection at all of Copeland's recycling sites has been suspended after recycling banks were heavily contaminated with non-cardboard items, including meat and plastic.

Last month the council appealed for the public to be extra vigilant when visiting recycling centres after a large quantity of meat was found dumped in a cardboard recycling unit in Whitehaven. This month meat was found in another cardboard container at a different site.

The meat, along with a significant amount of general household and trade waste now means cardboard from Copeland cannot be sent for recycling - and the council has been forced to suspend the service until they can find ways to stop individuals abusing the facility.

Copeland Borough Council's Waste & Enforcement Manager, Janice Carrol said: "It is a minority of people who are causing the service to be disrupted for the majority of responsible residents.

"After people have spent time and effort to separate their recyclable waste and bring it to the centres, the irresponsible actions of a few people results in the materials being unfit for recycling.

"We realise this is a minority of people misusing the service however we have increased routine monitoring of our sites.

"Due to the quantities of meat found dumped, our Enforcement team are now carrying out trade waste document checks in the problem areas Our Environmental Health teams who visit food premises will also be checking how businesses dispose of their business waste.

"We are also looking at ways of adapting the cardboard banks, which have larger apertures than the banks for other recyclables. However, we want everyone to use these service responsibly.

"Any cardboard left at the recycling centres while the service is suspended will be treated as fly tipping and appropriate action will be taken

"We are aiming to gradually reintroduce the service by Christmas and in the meantime we ask residents, if possible to store their cardboard for recycling until then. If this is not convenient, cardboard recycling is available at the Cumbria County Council household waste recycling centres.

"We urge anyone who may have information about the abuse of the recycling service or spot people dumping at the centres to contact Copeland Borough Council's Enforcement team on 01946 598300."