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UPM CEO Jussi Pesonen to co-chair Forest Solutions Group in 2014-2016 in WBCSD

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UPM CEO Jussi Pesonen to co-chair Forest Solutions Group in 2014-2016 in WBCSD

November 05, 2013 - 17:23
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HELSINKI, Nov. 6, 2013 (Press Release) -

UPM's CEO Jussi Pesonen will be co-chairing the Forest Solutions Group (FSG) in 2014-2016 in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). UPM has been a member of the WBCSD since 2012.

"The WBCSD greatly appreciates UPM's continuing commitment and is delighted that Jussi Pesonen has decided to co-lead the Forest Solutions Group over the next three years. UPM's leadership will provide exceptional strategic direction, driving concerted action and transforming today's forest challenges into sustainable opportunities and solutions at scale", says Peter Bakker, President, WBCSD.

The Council has created respected thought leadership on business and sustainability. It provides a forum to promote global sustainable solutions for its 200 member companies representing all business sectors.

"I am honoured to co-chair the Forest Solutions Group that wants to lead the way in sustainable solutions that are based on renewable biomass and forest fibre. I truly believe that the member companies can offer solutions to issues like resource scarcity, climate change and maintaining biodiversity and clean waters. A group of companies can achieve together more than one company alone", says Jussi Pesonen.

The FSG provides business leadership in expanding sustainable forest solutions to meet the needs of people now and in the future. Members express their joint commitment to sustainable development through the FSG's membership principles and responsibilities, balancing efforts between economic growth, ecological conservation and social progress.

Jussi Pesonen co-chairs the FSG together with Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, CEO, CMPC Forestal Mininco SA.