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Torraspapel launches innovative campaign to raise environmental awareness

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Torraspapel launches innovative campaign to raise environmental awareness

October 17, 2010 - 22:11
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BARCELONA, Oct. 18, 2010 (Press Release) -Torraspapel launches an innovative campaign that reveals the truth about paper and invites users to participate in its reforestation projects.

Taking us on an eye-opening journey through the four worlds that describe the life cycle of paper, Torraspapel, at, unveils how paper contributes to the sustainability of our planet.

Paper is a shining example of sustainable development. It begins with wood as a natural, renewable raw material harvested from responsibly managed forests that serve as major carbon dioxide sinks, followed by an efficient, environmentally-friendly production process and a commitment to enhancing the quality of people's lives. Finally, once used, paper proves to be a material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

What do you think is happening to forests in Europe? Does the paper industry produce renewable energy? Is paper consumption in Europe rising or falling? What percentage of used paper is recovered? Learn the answer during your visit to the worlds of the sustainable cycle of paper at You will also discover what Torraspapel is doing in each of these areas and how it actively contributes to a sustainable future.

By simply answering questions that introduce you to the four phases of the life cycle of paper, Torraspapel offers the possibility of collaborating on a reforestation project in conjunction with the Spanish NGO AccióNatura. After filling out a simple form, participants will have the opportunity to add their name to the list of collaborators and will receive, at the end of the campaign, a personalized diploma certifying their collaboration in the reforestation project.

"The Paper Effect" is an initiative of Torraspapel, part of the Lecta Group, demonstrating its commitment to caring for the environment and its contribution to raising environmental awareness.

Torraspapel manufactures all of its products with wood harvested from responsibly managed forests. Proof of this is the securing of chain-of-custody certifications for all its mills according to the internationally recognized PEFC and FSC certification systems.

In addition, Torraspapel's production activity is governed by the strictest environmental management systems. All its factories hold ISO 9001 quality certifications and ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management certifications, reflecting the environmental management criteria that underpin the development of its operations.

One of the guiding principles of Torraspapel's environmental policy is transparent, regular communication of its environmental practices. Since 2005, Torraspapel has published an Environmental Report every two years that notes advances made in terms of sustainability, tracks progress in meeting its commitments and sets new targets for the future.