Mondi reports results of its product carbon footprint assessment

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Mondi reports results of its product carbon footprint assessment

June 09, 2010 - 00:38
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VIENNA, Austria, June 9, 2010 (Press Release) -Mondi, a global leader in the manufacture of paper and packaging products, announced the results of its recent carbon footprint assessment. The product carbon footprint is a voluntary evaluation undertaken by the company and demonstrates Mondi's commitment to adherence of accepted scientific standards and the open disclosure of its environmental performance.

The carbon footprint assessment included 8 mills producing paper and board - in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, and South Africa - and 24 different products that ranged from digital papers like Color Copy to Kraft paper qualities. The product carbon footprint was calculated with the assistance of -Climate Partner and in accordance with the Confederation of European Paper Producers' (CEPI) 10 toes standard, for carbon footprint calculation. The 10 toes represent key phases in the product lifecycle, which are used to calculate the carbon footprint of paper and board.

The 10 toes are:

1. Carbon sequestration in forest

2. Carbon stored in forest products

3. Greenhouse gas emissions from forest product manufacturing facilities

4. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing fibre

5. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing other raw materials/fuels

6. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with purchased electricity, steam, heat, and hot and cold water

7. Transport-related greenhouse gas emissions

8. Emissions associated with product use

9. Emissions associated with product end-of-life

10. Avoided emissions

Mondi calculated its company carbon footprint by subtracting the positive carbon reducing effects from forestation, for example from the total carbon emissions produced from all corporate operations. The total approximate company carbon footprint was 890'000 tons of CO2in 2009. This calculation of the CO2savings from forest operations was carried out in accordance with the standard methodology established by the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) - the leading source of reliable data on environmental issues affecting the forest products industry. Both the company carbon footprint and product carbon footprint are available from Mondi's sales organisations.

The recent introduction of CO2neutral products to Mondi's product portfolios was made possible by calculating the CO2emissions produced in the product's lifecycle. Currently Nautilus® SuperWhite is available as a CO2neutral product - an additional eco-friendly option for consumers.

According to Uwe Fölster, Mondi's Group Head of Sustainable Development, -The product carbon footprint calculation is a further step to assess the impact of production in terms of emissions to air. Mondi has set emission reduction targets until 2014 with an ambitious goal to reduce CO2emissions by -15% against the 2004 baseline. By end 2009, we have achieved a near 12% reduction in absolute terms.

In February Mondi was awarded best performer in the Basic Materials Sector of the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (FFD). The FFD was created to help investors identify how an organization's activities and supply chains impact deforestation and link the forest footprint to the company's value.

Mondi was a voluntary participant in the Paper Scorecard issued by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. The Paper Scorecard is a relatively new concept intended to encourage transparency of environmental performance in the paper industry. Using the scorecard, customers can better evaluate their paper purchases based on a clearer understanding of the environmental footprint produced in the manufacturing of paper. From the 8 papers Mondi submitted for evaluation, BIO TOP 3® achieved the highest score, 81 out of 100 points. Mondi's eco-scores can be found on the WWF homepage under: