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M-real shows lightweight sustainable cartonboards at Easyfairs in Sweden

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M-real shows lightweight sustainable cartonboards at Easyfairs in Sweden

May 25, 2010 - 23:18
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ESPOO, Finland, May 26, 2010 (Press Release) -M-real Consumer Packaging, Europe's leading supplier of high performance folding boxboards, is showing its range of lightweight and sustainable boards at Easyfairs in Malmö, Sweden. M-real will demonstrate how lightweighting its products without loss of printability, stiffness or other benefits can help brand owners and converters reduce their own carbon footprint and waste, as well as effecting cost savings

Lightweighting of products has been a major part of M-real's strategy in recent years. Lighter weight boards offer the same properties of stiffness and bulk as heavier conventional grades, but in lower substances. They offer cost savings and benefit the environment thanks to lighter transport weights and less waste at the end of their lifecycle. A key factor in lightweighting is the use of BCTMP pulp, the development of which has been driven by M-real.

M-real has also tightened its tolerances to be the tightest in the trade, ensuring better consistency in board quality. This results in clear savings and improves sustainability. For example, in board thickness M-real's target value for consistency is plus or minus 3%, compared to the 5% considered the norm in the industry. Variations in thickness lead to inconsistency in printing results, as well as stoppages and waste in converting and packing lines.

M-real will also share with visitors the results of its latest consumer perception studies, examining how buying decisions can be based on signals sent by a product's packaging and its appeal based on two senses - sight and touch - as well as user experience. To learn more about the driving forces behind the consumer's buying decision, M-real's most recent consumer perception study concentrated on different shapes of carton as well as importance of the board grade used in the package. The test was carried out by an external research institute, using specially produced chocolate boxes.