Chesapeake announces environmental improvement projects across its 40 global operations

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Chesapeake announces environmental improvement projects across its 40 global operations

February 23, 2011 - 00:35
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BUCKS, UK, Feb. 23, 2011 (Press Release) -

Chesapeake, a leading supplier of consumer packaging, has announced today that during 2011 it has committed to in-excess of 140 environmental related improvement projects across its 40 global operations. The projects, part of Chesapeake's environmental initiative, Chesapeake 100, have been agreed at each location and form part of each site's objectives for the year.

Phillip Adams, Director CSR, said, "Chesapeake has a well established pedigree in this area but the Chesapeake 100 has allowed projects and targets to be formalised and presented in a coordinated manner for the first time. Although the Chesapeake 100 is new, our commitment is not and many projects represent a typical year at Chesapeake."

The projects demonstrate that, due to Chesapeake's scale, making even the smallest changes can deliver impressive results. All sites have analysed local environmental needs and focused on projects that meet these objectives as well as wider global issues.

Phillip Adams, went on to say, "The projects are very varied and more are under consideration. Many of the projects are focused on improving material yields, reducing energy consumption and improving vehicle fill. The ownership of these projects remains at site level although the outcomes are being shared globally to ensure that best practices are adopted across the business."

As key milestones are reached, Chesapeake will report its progress. As well as being a positive way to ensure its business reduces the environmental impact of its world-wide operations, the Chesapeake 100 is also expected to increase a sense of social and environmental responsibility throughout the business.