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BIR launches new video on key role of material recyclers

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BIR launches new video on key role of material recyclers

October 08, 2013 - 17:28
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BRUSSELS, Oct. 8, 2013 (Press Release) -BIR, the world recycling association, launches new video about the recycling industry and its global economic and environmental benefits

Recycling is much more than an alternative to waste disposal. The material recyclers constitute a vital industrial sector which contributes significantly to the global economy and protection of environment. Today, BIR releases a new video that highlights some key facts and figures:

The recycling industry, represented by BIR, employs more than two million people across the world.

The material recycling industry saves at least 500 million tons of CO2 every year. This is more than the CO2 emitted by aviation worldwide.

The annual turnover of the recycling industry exceeds $500.billion. Major part of this money is invested in research, new jobs and new technologies.

The recycling industry is the world's future leading raw material supplier. Producing raw material through recycling requires less energy, and preserves natural resources compared to primary production.

To keep this important industry growing, free and fair trade to world's mills and factories must be guaranteed. Discover all aspects of the recycling industry's vital role in this shortvideo.