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Arjowiggins Graphic receives two 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Awards

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Arjowiggins Graphic receives two 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Awards

December 04, 2012 - 16:29
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PARIS, Dec. 3, 2012 (Press Release) -Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of innovative environmental paper solutions, has been awarded two 2012 WWF Environmental Paper Awards.

This year the awards recognised Arjowiggins Graphic for transparency in providing public information on the environmental footprint of its papers - having 100% of its papers listed on the global WWF benchmark tool, Check Your Papers. Arjowiggins Graphic also received a second award for its "excellent" environmental performance score of at least 90% on the WWF's eco-rating system.

Jean Charles Monange, Sales and Marketing Director at Arjowiggins Graphic, says:"It is such an achievement to see Arjowiggins Graphic awarded these accolades. Especially as Arjowiggins Graphic was the No1 paper manufacturer in both award categories; highlighting the importance of understanding, and improving, your entire value chain's sustainability."

The WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2012 have been created to give credit to manufacturers and suppliers that post their paper brands on Check your Paper, using WWF's eco-rating method for measuring the environmental footprint of papers.

"Supply chain transparency is increasingly a vital tool for more and more buyers of raw materials and finished goods", said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager of WWF International´s global pulp and paper work. "WWF encourages responsible buyers worldwide to choose suppliers who provide transparent information on the environmental footprint of their paper production."

Check Your Paper rates papers out of 100 providing an easy to understand assessment of a paper's environmental impact. Based on a commitment to deliver unbiased, third party assessments of the environmental impact of paper production - including processes at the paper mills involved - the Check Your Paper scheme ensures transparency in the paper industry by allowing easy comparisons between paper brands.

The best performing stock from Arjowiggins Graphic is Cyclus 100% recycled paper. Cyclus scored an impressive 98 out of 100 making it the highest rated recycled paper in the scheme.

The Cocoon range also scored excellently. Cocoon Offset improved its previous score by six points resulting in a total score of 87, Cocoon Office scored 92 and Cocoon Gloss, Cocoon Preprint and Cocoon Silk all scored 87 out of 100.

Other Arjowiggins Graphic products that are registered in Check Your Paper include: Eural, Maine Gloss Green, Satimat Green, Maine Gloss, Chromomat, Satimat, Maine 1 face, Maine 1 face Green and RePrint. All of the brands have seen an improvement in their score compared to previous submissions.