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SAICA PACK continues sustainability drive with launch of SAICA Form

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SAICA PACK continues sustainability drive with launch of SAICA Form

March 22, 2010 - 00:43
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ZARAGOZA, Spain, March 22, 2010 (Press Release) -

SAICA PACK has continued its strategic drive to encourage retailers to improve their impact on the environment with the announcement that it has started to supply European retail giant Carrefour with its new SAICA Form corrugated board tray.

SAICA Form is a new innovative product designed to be a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic food trays, used to present foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables to customers at large supermarkets.

Carrefour will replace its existing PET / EPS trays with SAICA Form, a 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated board tray. In addition, SAICA Form can be reconfigured by the food packer in its different versions: flow-pack, heat sealed or film.

The product is the result of two years of research and development, and is an example of SAICA's constant innovative focus of the need to create sustainable products.

When compared to traditional PET or EPS trays, SAICA Form's carbon footprint throughout the whole of the recycling and production process is 76% less than that generated by a PET tray and 64% less than that caused by an EPS tray. Furthermore, the product is completely biodegradable (in 30 days).

Commenting on the decision by Carrefour to switch to the new SAICA Form product, Bill Burr, Development Manager of SAICA PACK UK said:

"SAICA Form offers new possibilities for environmentally conscious retailers in the UK. Our product is a market first and is uniquely able to offer an adaptable solution for displaying a wide variety of foodstuffs whilst making an important contribution to reducing the retailer's environmental footprint.

"The decision by Carrefour to switch to SAICA Form for displaying fruit at its stores demonstrates that the product is cost effective, 100% recyclable and can offer savings throughout the supply chain".