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US-based Vastly awards contract to Jacobs Engineering to develop its greenfield multi-faceted manufacturing project in Chesterfield, VA

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US-based Vastly awards contract to Jacobs Engineering to develop its greenfield multi-faceted manufacturing project in Chesterfield, VA

September 28, 2016 - 05:02
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RICHMOND, VA, Sept. 28, 2016 (Press Release) -VASTLY, also known as Tranlin, Inc., today announced it has awarded a contract to Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. The award was issued to further develop VASTLY’s greenfield construction mega project in Chesterfield County, VA. The project scope includes preliminary engineering and design, as well as environmental permitting, of the new VASTLY facility, which will produce biostimulant, soil amendment fertilizers and paper tissue products, made from straw sourced from local farmers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Jacobs is responsible for supporting permit acquisition and developing the overall site design, which includes pulping facilities, tissue making, and fertilizer production using VASTLY’s proprietary technologies.  Significant engineering is required to file for over 20 permits that will involve at least five regulatory agencies. An exhaustive examination of the company’s activities and their implications on the environment will be required in order for the company to receive the necessary environmental permits.

“We anticipate a concentrated effort in conjunction with the state and federal regulators over the next 18-20 months, which is typical for a project of this scale, to prepare for operations meeting or exceeding all environmental standards,” said Robert Burnley, Senior Advisor to CEO of VASTLY and former Director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

In order to build the multi-faceted, advanced manufacturing facilities in Chesterfield County, Virginia, VASTLY will leverage technology developed by its parent company, Shandong Tranlin Paper Company Ltd., to implement proprietary straw pulping processes to extract fulvic acid and humic acid biostimulants used to restore soil health.

"We are very excited to partner with Jacobs, a firm with an exceptionally strong reputation, expertise and track record in engineering pulp and paper projects all over the world," said Jerry Z. Peng, VASTLY's Chairman and CEO. "This new award marks a major milestone for the project and it highlights our commitment to building a world-class, eco-friendly production facility in Chesterfield County."

“This award is the culmination of great collaboration by a dedicated VASTLY team from China and the U.S. We were fortunate to engage some of the world’s leading firms along the selection process, and we are excited to engage Jacobs with its extensive experience in complex, large scale projects.  This represents a major step forward in developing a world class earth restorative operating facility,” said Jason Dunaway, VASTLY’s Senior Vice President and Project Executive.

VASTLY’s Better Roots biostimulant products will be used by farmers to boost yield, improve long-term soil health and enhance nutrient uptake. The straw pulp fibers are processed into premium paper towels, napkins, bathroom and facial tissue products. These paper products will be tree-free, chlorine-free, compostable, and assembled through an earth-friendly production process. 


VASTLY, also known as Tranlin, Inc., applies world-leading proven technologies to produce fine quality tree-free paper and tissue products and highly effective plant-derived organic acid biostimulant, soil amendment fertilizers for consumer and agricultural use. VASTLY’s mission is to build a future-friendly company that makes safe, earth-restorative products from farms, not forests, for American families and farmers. 

Tranlin, Inc. is the U.S. based subsidiary of Shandong Tranlin Paper Company Ltd., located in Chesterfield County, Virginia.