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US-based TemperPack publishes its 2018 Environmental Impact Report

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US-based TemperPack publishes its 2018 Environmental Impact Report

June 18, 2019 - 09:26
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RICHMOND, VA, June 18, 2019 (PRNewswire) -TemperPack announced the publication of its 2018 Environmental Impact Report, which shows the company exceeded its goals for reducing carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2E) emissions. 

TemperPack, along with its customers, avoided the creation of over 25 million pounds of CO2E during the year, beating its original goal for the year by over 50%.  

"When companies switch from plastic packaging, whether it's bubble wrap or Styrofoam, to our products, they significantly reduce their environmental impact," said James McGoff, co-founder of TemperPack. "We use plant-based components and our products require much less energy to manufacture than other materials."

Additional highlights of the Environmental Impact Report include:

  • TemperPack gave second life to over 8 million pounds of repurposed cotton fibers that would have gone into landfills.
  • By using PopBox, TemperPack's customers avoided sending over 500,000 pounds of bubble wrap into landfills.

Information in the report was based on manufacturing and distribution data for the products TemperPack sold in 2018, as well as emissions data from the EPA. A complete copy of the 2018 Environmental Impact Report can be downloaded here.

"We thank our customers for trusting us to protect their products, and we look forward to working together to reduce the environmental impact of packaging even more in the future," said John Briney, TemperPack's Marketing Director.

The company has set a goal of helping companies collective reduce their impact by at least 40 million pounds of CO2E.

About TemperPack

TemperPack seeks to solve the world's packaging problems through sustainable design. The company was borne out of a desire to reduce the amount of unsustainable packaging that correlated with the rising world of e-commerce delivery. The company specializes in bringing custom packaging solutions to scale in the perishable food and life sciences industries. Today, TemperPack operates three facilities across the country and is rapidly expanding its reach in the perishable and cold chain shipping market, all with the goal of bringing smarter packaging to the end recipient.