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US-based PrintReleaf's API to certify reforestation at cloud-based print solution provider Wepa

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US-based PrintReleaf's API to certify reforestation at cloud-based print solution provider Wepa

August 09, 2017 - 13:08
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DENVER, CO, Aug. 9, 2017 (Press Release) -PrintReleaf has announced that Wēpa, a cloud-based print solution serving college campuses across North America, has chosen PrintReleaf to reforest its entire printing production. Under the agreement, Wēpa will use the PrintReleaf API, assuring Wēpa customers that paper used on their print jobs has been certifiably reforested. Commenting on the agreement, PrintReleaf CEO and Founder Jordan Darragh said: "PrintReleaf is pleased to ally with Wēpa to provide students at major universities and colleges with documented and certified reforestation services. With PrintReleaf, Wēpa customers will know they are printing in the most socially responsible manner available."

Discussing the PrintReleaf relationship, Wēpa Chief Technology Officer Raj Batchu said: "The Wēpa-PrintReleaf relationship is an excellent solution that is easy for our customers to understand and simple for us to execute. We are thrilled to expand our green initiatives even further."

Wēpa is a fast-growing provider of print kiosk pay stations, at universities and colleges including UCLA, Case Western Reserve University, The George Washington University, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Muhlenberg College. A pay-for-print cloud solution, Wēpa enables students and the public to print from any mobile device, smart phone, or tablet with an Internet connection. The service may also be accessed from laboratory, library, and personal computers, as well as cloud storage providers and USB files at any Wēpa print kiosk. Wēpa is mindful of the impact printing has on the environment, and implementing with PrintReleaf is a continuation of green initiatives already underway at Wēpa. Wēpa encourages double-sided printing by promoting a default-to-duplex option within Windows and Mac print drivers. Wēpa also helps schools transition away from "free" printing by implementing quotas to reduce printing waste and abuse. 

PrintReleaf creates a global sustainability standard by certifiably guaranteeing to releaf the paper consumption of PrintReleaf customers. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures a customer's paper usage and directly compensates for it with reforestation projects. The patented PrintReleaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors PrintReleaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment. Market-leading companies with a passion for the environment and a progressive concern for advancing environmental stewardship, together with their customers, rely on PrintReleaf to provide a nexus of partnerships involving forestry, technology, and business.