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Fox River Fiber focuses on environmental sustainability at Wisconsin mill

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Fox River Fiber focuses on environmental sustainability at Wisconsin mill

September 24, 2014 - 19:40
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DE PERE, WI, Sept 15, 2014 (Press Release) - Fox River Fiber, a leading producer of high-quality, de-inked pulp for the Fox River pulp industry, supports its customers with a long-term focus on innovative technology and environmental sustainability.

"Our vision centers on continuous improvement that leverages leading-edge equipment and proprietary processes," said Ted Heimerman, Vice President of Sales. "The US paper industry demands excellence to compete in the global market, and Fox River Fiber is committed to meeting these world-class pulp requirements."

Fox River Fiber is an industry leader in the de-inking of post-consumer wastepaper and turning it into high-quality pulp for environmentally conscious customers. The company has developed processes to recycle many types of wastepaper materials into clean, usable pulp for Fox River pulp customers. This extends the life of landfills and reduces overall reliance on environmental resources.

In addition to traditional applications for Fox Valley pulp customers, Fox River Fiber uses all of the byproducts generated by its de-inking process for productive purposes such as animal bedding and products for lawn and garden use.

Fox River Fiber earned the Best Places to Work Award from the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association (PPMA) in 2013 and the Business Friend of the Environment award from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce in 2011.

Contact Ted Heimerman, Vice President of Sales, for more information about de-inked pulp products for the Fox River pulp industry at 920-347-4430.

Source: Fox River Fiber