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Cascades Lupel innovates with recycled papers for the floor-covering industry

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Cascades Lupel innovates with recycled papers for the floor-covering industry

July 08, 2010 - 17:01
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KINGSEY FALLS, QC, July 8, 2010 (Press Release) -Cascades Lupel now manufactures felt paper with recycled fibre for use as backing by the sheet vinyl flooring industry. This change was carried out in anticipation of reducing the mill's environmental footprint and using materials that are recovered by Cascades.

The objective was to only use recycled fibre and to improve the environmental balance sheet by reducing the water and energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions while obtaining a smoother product. "This paper was one of the rare Cascades products still being manufactured with virgin fibre" mentioned Tony Gonzalez, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at the plant.

The mission was accomplished, but it created a considerable technical challenge. The fibres used to manufacture this type of product were historically virgin, because of their stable components. The development process required the involvement, the know-how and the creativity of a large majority of employees at the plant. "Over and above the chemical considerations, we had to bring under review the manufacturing system on the paper machine. It is the breadth of all these challenges that make this achievement such a great source of pride for the employees" concluded Mr. Gonzalez.