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Canefields USA joins with International Forest Products to market carbon-balanced, sugarcane waste fiber-based office and printing papers

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Canefields USA joins with International Forest Products to market carbon-balanced, sugarcane waste fiber-based office and printing papers

September 26, 2011 - 09:42
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FOXBOROUGH, MA, Sept. 26, 2011 (Press Release) -Environmental paper pioneer Canefields USA today announced that it has joined forces with International Forest Products Corporation (IFP) to rapidly advance the market proliferation of Canefields carbon-balanced, sugarcane waste fiber-based office and printing papers, and related products. The strategic alliance between the two firms will highlight this innovation in sustainable papermaking on a large scale throughout all channels of the North American office products and printing industry supply chains.

Headquartered in Newport, New York, Canefields USA is a global provider of office papers, printing papers, and paper-based office supplies made using discarded sugarcane waste fiber, also known as "bagasse". The company is dedicated to advancing awareness of the ability to use agricultural fiber recovered from the waste stream for the production of a wide range of high quality papers.

IFP's strategic alliance with Canefields USA complements and further progresses the company's long history of environmental stewardship, and contributes to their position of strength as an industry leader with sustainable paper innovations on a global scale.

"Trends in corporate sustainability and consumer awareness have created strong demand for innovations in environmental paper manufacturing and for paper products that are linked with sustainability," said Jeff Allen, CEO of Canefields USA. "Our alliance with IFP will enable us to meet that demand on a large scale with a wide range of certified carbon balanced papers made from recovered agricultural waste fiber. IFP has the experience, strength, and infrastructure required to expand market share of Canefields brand sugarcane waste fiber papers for corporate sustainability initiative integration."

"IFP is proud of our association with Canefields USA and of the work that they do to advance new technologies in sustainability within the forest products industry," said Daniel A. Kraft, IFP's President and CEO. "Sustainability and environmental awareness is an important initiative for all industries, and we are excited to help Canefields bring these products to the forefront of the office products and printing sector."

About Canefields USA:

Canefields USA is the leader in agricultural waste fiber based paper distribution. Working in partnership with the largest manufacturers of sugarcane bagasse paper in the world, Canefields has pioneered the concept of Corporate Sustainability Initiative Integration, providing businesses of all sizes and descriptions with a truly sustainable paper option. The company has developed a wide range of carbon balanced sugarcane based office papers, inkjet papers, digital imaging papers for a variety of high production print engines, paper based office supplies, and uncoated printing and converting papers. Publishing grades, colored papers, stationery grades and a full range of writing, text, and cover are in development. Canefields USA has established a network of manufacturer's representatives covering all regions of the United States, providing prompt service and demonstrating the environmental advantages of the products.

About International Forest Products:

Founded in 1972 by Robert Kraft, IFP is a member of the Kraft Group of companies and is one of the largest traders of forest products commodities in the world. IFP provides solutions for sales and marketing, transportation and logistics, and finance for suppliers and converters, as well as advice on the technical and legal aspects of a transaction. IFP has subsidiary offices located in Portland, Oregon, Yuba City, California, Miami, Florida, Albany, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv, Gothenburg, London, Santiago, Moscow, and Vancouver.