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Walki offers tailored, safe and sustainable coated board grades for all types of to-go packaging

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Walki offers tailored, safe and sustainable coated board grades for all types of to-go packaging

May 13, 2019 - 09:44
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ESPOO, Finland, May 13, 2019 (Press Release) -The desire for spontaneity and mobility on the one hand – a responsible and environmentally-friendly approach on the other: Consumers are often torn when it comes to to-go packaging and are forced to compromise. Restauranteurs using to-go dishes, which are practical, easy to handle and also truly sustainable, have a clear competitive advantage here. Walki, one of the leading producers of laminates and packaging solutions, offers tailored, safe and above-all sustainable materials for all types of foodservice packaging – from cups for hot and cold beverages or soups, through to disposable plates and bowls.

Grease, moisture and heat are some of the biggest challenges that fast-food packaging must withstand, both for the duration of the transport and while the food is being consumed. “With Walki-Pack, we offer our customers individually coated cardboard packaging”, explains Stefan Erdmann, Technical Service & Development Manager Barrier Board at Walki. “We choose the base material in close cooperation with our customers from a wide range of board grades. In addition to food safety, we also take into account strength and processability, the appearance such as whiteness, smoothness and printability, as well as economic viability and availability.” With cardboard as a renewable and recyclable base material, WalkiPack has an intrinsically high sustainability value.

Sustainability: Barrier enables fine-tuning

Not all types of food require the same type and thickness of barrier layer. Individual production enables material to be saved, which has a positive impact on sustainability. “Depending on the wishes of the customer, renewable and plantbased biodegradable polymers can also be used for the coating”, continues Erdmann. Walki-Pack-Green-PE, for example, is coated with so-called Green PE1 , which is derived from sugar cane. “The renewable portion of the material totals over 95 percent. The polymer has comparable properties with conventional LDPE in terms of performance and processability2.” Walki-Pack-Bio has a coating with biodegradable polymers, which can also be recycled, as they can be decomposed like LDPE. Walki-Wood are polymers based on tall oil, which occursas a by-product in the production of pulp. Thanks to its versatility, the Walki-Pack grades can be used for drinks or soup cups, as well as for disposable plates and bowls. For hot and cold drinks, Walki also offers the Walki-Cup range with cardboard packaging coated on one or two sides.

Walki Group is a leading manufacturer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials specialising in the production of fibre-based, intelligent multi-laminate products for markets as diverse as energy-saving facings and construction membranes to barrier packaging applications. The Group has production facilities in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, Russia and China. The Group has a workforce of around 950 people. In 2017, the Group’s annual turnover was EUR 318 million.