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Stora Enso introduces new NaturaFluff Eco range of sustainable fluff pulp

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Stora Enso introduces new NaturaFluff Eco range of sustainable fluff pulp

November 26, 2021 - 01:24
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HELSINKI, Nov. 25, 2021 (Press Release) -This year 6,9 million tons of fluff pulp will be produced, and the amount is expected to grow to 7,1 million tons next year. What if all this fluff pulp would have a 30 percent lower carbon footprint? With NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso we have the potential to help transform the hygiene industry for a more sustainable future.

According to Euromonitor International consumers demand companies to help reshape the world in a more sustainable way. Businesses are expected to support consumers in achieving more sustainable lifestyles. Protecting the planet also affects people’s shopping habits. Consumers are looking for products with natural ingredients and a minimal environmental impact.

Fluff pulp is a material that is renewable, reusable and ultimately biodegradable. In fact, it is one of the most sustainable raw materials around. With NaturaFluff Eco we are taking a further step towards more eco-friendly absorbent hygiene products, such as baby diapers, incontinence and feminine care products.

A new era in sustainable fluff pulp

NaturaFluff Eco is an oxygen-delignified fluff pulp. This means that the use of chemicals is minimised and as a result, this fluff pulp has a roughly 30% lower carbon footprint and a warm natural beige colour. With NaturaFluff Eco it is now possible to offer an eco-friendlier option for hygiene products, without compromising on product performance or quality.

“We want to support our customers in the hygiene industry to produce more environmentally friendly products, without compromising on the products’ performance. NaturaFluff Eco is a very natural step towards achieving this goal,” says Marianne König, Product Manager Fluff Pulp at Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division. “We see a strong trend towards more eco-friendly hygiene products. People are looking for products that have less plastic and more natural ingredients,” König continues.

With NaturaFluff Eco the hygiene product producers have an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and to differentiate themselves as suppliers of a new generation of environmentally friendly absorbent hygiene products.

Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction and paper. We employ some 23 000 people and our shares are listed on the Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Stockholm (STE A, STE R) stock exchanges.