SCA improves scores in three categories in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index 2017

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SCA improves scores in three categories in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index 2017

December 07, 2017 - 07:47
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SUNDSVALL, Sweden, Dec. 6, 2017 (Press Release) -SCA showed stable results in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI), compared with 2015. The company improved its scores in some categories while on some categories the result is close that of 2015. Find SCA’s results of on

About the Environmental Paper Company Index 2017

The Environmental Paper Company Index 2017 is a WWF tool to promote transparency and continual improvement in the global pulp, paper and packaging sector. It tracks a company´s ecological footprint over time and targets on responsible sourcing, clean production and transparency/sustainability reporting.

A key foundation of the Index is constructive engagement and accurate data being provided by transparent producers. The Index is published for the fifth time. The biennial Environmental Paper Company Index started in its current form in 2010 and has since increased in scale and global reach.

Together, the EPCI 2017 participants from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and North America disclose the environmental performance of 26% of the world´s tissue, 23% of the world´s graphic paper, 17% of the world´s newsprint, 9% of the world´s packaging and 15% of the world´s pulp.

SCAs result

SCA improved its scores in three of the measured categories – containerboard, graphic paper LWC and graphic paper uncoated offset – compared with the previous index results in 2015. In 2017, the company achieved the following overall scores (2015 results in brackets):

Containerboard: 77.3% (77%)

Graphic paper LWC: 88% (84.9 %)

Graphic paper uncoated offset: 90.4% (85.8%)

Pulp: 81% (82%)

Björn Lyngfelt, SVP Communications SCA, had the following comment: "This is a very important index for us. It gives us a good opportunity to evaluate our environmental performance in order to constantly improve. We will keep on working to reduce our ecological footprint, even if it's more challenging, the higher we score."


SCA Graphic (LWC and UCO) notably increased the use of FSC certified fibres.

WWF values high recycled fibre levels in tissue products which is reflected in the scoring method.

Use of recycled fibres for paper products plays an important role in resource efficiency, particularly for short-lived and end of life-cycle products such as tissue.

WWF encourages SCA to continue to demonstrate commitment to long-term sustainability in its virgin fibre use by working with FSC and other stakeholders towards solutions-oriented discussions.

Cecilia Alcoreza, WWF´s global lead on Sustainable Paper and Packaging says: "Paper is a renewable, recyclable material, with a potentially lower footprint than substitute materials if managed and produced responsibly. However, the sector's size and impacts are expanding. This is why it is crucial for companies to demonstrate leadership in transparency and a commitment to continual improvement, reducing the sector´s forest, climate and water footprint."