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The Navigator Company and National Geographic launch environmentally friendly envelope

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The Navigator Company and National Geographic launch environmentally friendly envelope

March 27, 2019 - 07:17
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    SETUBAL, Portugal, March 27, 2019 (Press Release) -
  • National Geographic subscribers will receive their magazine in an envelope made from sustainable sources;
  • Paper is a natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable resource and is one of the most recycled products in Europe, with a recycling rate of 72.5% (2017).

The Navigator Company and the magazine National Geographic have just taken an important step towards protecting the environment by creating a paper envelope that will, as of April, replace the use of about 150,000 plastic bags per year. For the first time in Portugal, the magazine will reach its subscribers in a more ecological and environmentally-friendly form, made from The Navigator Company paper.

Paper is a natural, renewable, recyclable and fully biodegradable resource, with attributes that are hard to find in other materials such as plastic. By partnering with National Geographic - a leading name in the field of popular science - The Navigator Company is making a sustainable commitment to protecting the planet and through the new paper format that replaces the traditional plastic bag, it is drawing attention to the importance of reducing its ecological footprint and adopting attitudes that safeguard the future of the environment.

For António Quirino Soares, marketing director at The Navigator Company, "this partnership with a prestigious brand like National Geographic is a very important

step for our company, which has always been committed to the sustainable development of the planet through the use of natural and renewable resources and the development of sustainable paper-based products. By replacing National Geographic's plastic bag with a paper envelope, we want to contribute alerting society to the importance of sustainability".

In the summer of 2018, the National Geographic Society launched the global "Planet or Plastic?" campaign, encouraging all local partners to find ways of reducing plastic consumption in their operations. "In The Navigator Company we have found the ideal partner to start this transition in Portugal, given the company's commitment to our mission of sustainability in forest management", says Teresa Vera Magalhães, general director of RBA Revistas, the publisher responsible for National Geographic in Portugal. "We are aware that this is the first step, but all revolutions begin with a first gesture".

Produced by a technologically advanced and responsible industry, paper is the result of a production chain that depends on tree planting where environmental standards are increasingly demanding and rigorous. The modern paper industry does not use wood from natural forests, so the raw material it processes is the result of trees planted specifically for this purpose: when paper is used, it stimulates the planting of trees and contributes to the sustainability of the forest.

The paper-making process fulfils the sustainability criteria that guide this ecologically-aware and responsible industry in safeguarding the environment - whether in its active and professional management of the forest, its use of renewable energy, the rational use of water, the management of its waste and by-products or in the use of paper and its derivatives for recycling, currently one of the resources whose use can be extended. Paper is today the most recycled product in Europe, with a recycling rate of 72.5% in 2017.

About The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company is an integrated producer of forests, pulp and paper, tissue and energy, whose activity is carried out in modern, large-scale factories, with cutting-edge technology, and which is a benchmark of quality in the sector. The Company's business model is based on an excellent raw material − Eucalyptus globulus − whose intrinsic characteristics allow the development of a distinctive strategy, based on high quality products, which today are an international reference in this sector.

The Company is the third-largest Portuguese exporter, representing approximately 1% of the national GDP and 2.4% of national goods exported, and generates the greatest National Value Added. In 2018, The Navigator Company had a turnover of approximately € 1.6 billion. Nearly 91% of the Group's products are sold outside Portugal and are exported to approximately 130 countries.

Consolidating its position as a European leader in the production of uncoated woodfree printing and writing paper (UWF) and ranked fourth worldwide, the company is also Europe’s biggest producer (ranked fifth worldwide) of bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp (BEKP). The Company recently entered into

the tissue business and currently has a 65 thousand tonne production capacity of finished product per year at the Vila Velha de Ródão factory and 55 thousand tonnes at the new Aveiro factory.

The Navigator Company has successfully followed a strategy of innovation and development of its own brands and premium products, which translates into a market share in Western Europe of 19% in UWF, around 54% in the premium sector and with a weight of 69% of its own brands in its sales.

The Company has over 110,000 hectares of forest under its management and the largest certified nursery in Europe, with the capacity to produce 12 million plants per year. The Group has vertically integrated forest activity with its own Forest Research Institute, which is a global reference in the genetic improvement of the Eucalyptus globulus. It creates a vast forest area in Portugal, 100% certified by the FSC® (FSC C010852) and PEFC™ (PEFC/13-23-001) international systems. It also has the installed capacity of 1.6 million tonnes of paper, 1.6 million tonnes of pulp (80% integrated into paper), 120 thousand tonnes of tissue converting, producing around 2.5 Twh of electricity each year. It is responsible for approximately 4% of the energy production in Portugal and 52% of the energy produced from biomass.

In early 2019, The Navigator Company was classified by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as a global leader in fighting climate change, reaching a prominent place on this organisation's "A" list. The Company was recognised for its actions in 2018 for cutting emissions, reducing climate risks and developing a low carbon-impact economy. It was the only Portuguese company to obtain the maximum classification, and became one of only five companies in the world in the sector of pulp, paper and forests to receive this distinction.

About National Geographic

Founded in 1888 by a group of North American scientists in Washington, the National Geographic Society has dedicated itself to the promotion of scientific knowledge and the exploration of our planet ever since. Many of the most iconic explorations of the 20th century, such as the discovery of the Inca city of Machu Picchu or locating the wreck of the Titanic, were conducted with funding from the National Geographic Society and presented to the world through the yellow frame of its magazine and documentaries.

The Portuguese edition of National Geographic has been published in Portugal since April 2001. It celebrates its 18th birthday this month. The magazine has collected journalism and photojournalism awards in national and international competitions and in 2019 received the Five Stars Award. Since its founding it has had the dual mission of fostering science and scientific knowledge and reporting to the public the most important stories about our planet.