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Klingele Paper & Packaging Group receives World Corrugated Award for sales display developed for its customer Zarelo

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Klingele Paper & Packaging Group receives World Corrugated Award for sales display developed for its customer Zarelo

August 30, 2021 - 06:51
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REMSHALDEN, Germany , Aug. 30, 2021 (Press Release) -Klingele Paper & Packaging Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated base paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, has been awarded the World Corrugated Award for a sales display developed for its customer Zarelo. Back in 2019, the World Corrugated Award jury already distinguished Klingele as the most environmentally friendly company among numerous competitors.

Klingele’s submission for the World Corrugated Award was an eco sales display designed for fireplace lighter supplier Zarelo, which had already won first prize in the “Display” performance group in the “Goldene Welle” Innovation Award Corrugated Board. The concept also landed Klingele first place in the “Best Design Innovation” category of the World Corrugated Award 2021. Particularly in the areas of sales and logistics, packaging faces increasingly demanding requirements; against this backdrop, the awards ceremony for this category is intended to draw attention to the growing importance of design innovations in the corrugated cardboard industry and to distinguish teams and companies that launch ground-breaking concepts onto the market. Alongside the criteria of innovation and design, especially suitability in practical use, cost efficiency and the complexity of the production process played a role in deciding the winners.

Eye-catching and environmentally friendly

The eco display for Zarelo unites sales-promoting aesthetics with an environmentally friendly design – with its high-quality flexo printing and a top sign that reflects the content below, it is a guaranteed eye- catcher at the point of sale. Its special design opens up a second level as a presentation surface to facilitate sales. Not just the display itself, but also the affixed pallet feet are made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard. A ready-made transport system with a pallet guide made of corrugated cardboard at the top and bottom also replaces the usual plastic straps or shrink film, ensuring maximum environmental friendliness all the way from production to transport and use at the point of sale. After all of the articles have been sold, the complete display can simply be disposed of as waste paper.

Distinguished as the most environmentally friendly company in 2019

The World Corrugated Award is a highly coveted prize in the industry – and Klingele has now won it for the second time. In 2019, the jury chose Klingele as the most environmentally friendly company in the global corrugated cardboard industry. The deciding factor for this decision was Klingele’s consistently sustainable product and production strategy. Not only the ecological product corrugated cardboard played a role in this, but also the successful implementation of numerous measures for energy-efficient and resource-saving production, including the use of renewable energies and innovative technologies in production.

“We are delighted and extremely proud to have received this award – it goes to show just how much can be created from the combination of environmentally friendly materials and innovative design, and how both companies and the environment can reap benefits from the result. The fact that we have managed to achieve first place in two key categories of the World Corrugated Award in such quick succession serves as fantastic confirmation that our corporate and product philosophy is helping us to find the right answers to the core requirements of our time and our customers,” states Dr Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of Klingele Paper & Packaging Group.

Information about the company:

The Klingele Paper & Packaging Group is an international supplier of paper, corrugated cardboard packaging solutions and adhesives. The family-owned company, founded in 1920 with headquarters in Remshalden near Stuttgart, Germany, is now run in the third generation by Dr Jan Klingele. The company, including its affiliated companies, has a presence for its customers in Europe, Africa and Central and South America in their Paper and Packaging business divisions with three paper mills, thirteen corrugated cardboard plants, eight sheet plants and one corrugated sheet feeder. These plants employ a total of 3,000 people and achieved a turnover of €800 million in 2020. The product range includes corrugated base paper based on waste paper, corrugated sheet boards as well as innovative and sustainable packaging solutions (primarily made of corrugated cardboard) for numerous industries and applications. Klingele is also a founding member of Blue Box Partners, the largest European alliance for corrugated cardboard packaging solutions.