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Fibre Excellence to share its knowledge and raise awareness about paper, wood, and forestry sector at Les Pyrénéennes in Saint-Gaudens, France from Sept 16-19

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Fibre Excellence to share its knowledge and raise awareness about paper, wood, and forestry sector at Les Pyrénéennes in Saint-Gaudens, France from Sept 16-19

September 14, 2021 - 10:12
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SAINT-GAUDENS, France , Sept. 13, 2021 (Press Release) -As a major player in the national forestry, wood, and paper sector, with strong ties to the Comminges region, Fibre Excellence will attend Les Pyrénéennes trade fair in Saint-Gaudens, alongside representatives of the wider forestry and agriculture sectors.

Fibre Excellence employees will be present at the company’s booth at Les Pyrénéennes (16-19 September in SaintGaudens), sharing their knowledge and passion for forestry, wood, and its multiple uses. The fair will also be an opportunity for visitors to discover the broad range of professional opportunities Fibre Excellence offers and its various areas of expertise.

Known in Saint-Gaudens for its pulp production activity, Fibre Excellence is committed to the responsible use of wood resources, both upstream and downstream.

  • Created in 2012, Enviroforesterie was born from the desire to promote the sustainable development of privately owned forests, often managed by owners operating on a small scale. Enviroforesterie advises owners on how best to meet the individual needs of their land, notably to work towards gaining internationally recognised forest certifications, such as the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
  • SEBSO, based in the south of France, works with forest owners to ensure resources are harvested in a responsible way. SEBSO intervenes across the entire lifecycle of forests to make sure harvest takes forests regeneration into account. This includes purchasing wood from forest owners, advising on maintenance and harvesting methods tailored to the needs of their forest, and organizing the transport of wood.
  • The Fibre Excellence mill in Saint-Gaudens produces pulp, working with a circular economy approach:
    • The wood is used to produce pulp that can then be used to produce a diverse range of paper products.
    • Sub-products of wood not used for pulp are used to generate enough renewable energy to power the mill and feed electricity into the French national grid, managed by EDF.
    • The mill is also exploring the potential of green chemistry: current options include a pilot project to produce hydrolysates for industrial and food uses and sustainable production of viscose pulp. Fibre Excellence is also working on the creation of 100% cellulose-based biodegradable facemasks as part of the Santé-Masques-Cellulose consortium,alongside LEON MARTIN and DSI-AP.

François LEWIN, Director of the Saint-Gaudens mill, stated:"It is the first time that the Fibre Excellence Group has a booth at the Les Pyrénéennes trade fair. This is a unique opportunity to meet with our local community and share information about our work, crucial to the local economy and to the sustainable management of forests. We recognize the importance of a long-term outlook for our work, as well as its reliance on the health of our forests: we feel it is our responsibility to promote sustainable management, harvest, and responsible use of wood resources through our companies and through our network of regional partners. Our activity, which creates jobs in the region, is essential to the manufacture of many everyday products. Our sector is recruiting at all professional levels and in various areas of expertise, giving people opportunities for continuous progress and learning.”

Visit the Wood and Environment Zone at Les Pyrénéennes trade fair to gain an insight into the challenges of forest management, wood transformation and to discover the wide range of products created from paper pulp. You can also learn more about the latest technological innovations using wood and find out about job opportunities at Fibre Excellence. The Fibre Excellence booth will also have a drawing area to keep children entertained.