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DS Smith uses virtual reality to enrich manufacturing training at its production facility in Nantes, France

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DS Smith uses virtual reality to enrich manufacturing training at its production facility in Nantes, France

April 15, 2021 - 08:25
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LONDON, April 15, 2021 (Press Release) -DS Smith, a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, has turned to virtual reality and 360° photography and video to enrich its manufacturing training program.

The new immersive learning solution, Uptale, has been piloted in DS Smith’s production facility in Nantes, France, to enable team members to understand technical processes and complex machine operations in a risk-free environment.

The intuitive training uses 360° photography and videos of the factory to allow team members to ‘experience’ interactions with the machines. They learn to complete procedures such as changing the roll on a corrugator machine, without stepping foot onto the factory floor, and take part in technical quizzes.

Paul Clarke, Operations Director at DS Smith Packaging commented: “As a business we’re committed to ensuring all of our employees who work in factories across 34 different countries have the expertise and skills they need to understand our technical processes and complex machine operations. The cutting-edge virtual reality and 360° training solutions that we’ve trialled in France give our team members a flexible tool to continue to learn and develop valuable know-how throughout their careers.”

Along with better learning efficiency and reduced training time, the solution allows team members to consolidate knowledge and practice skills in a near-real environment. This all happens without risk, with logistical constraints and without stopping production.

Following the successful pilot, DS Smith is now looking to expanding the use of this immersive learning initiative to make its training programme richer and more agile. To date, 10 different learning experiences have been created and available in all local languages. It is deployed remotely via smartphones and computers that enable 360° viewing.

About DS Smith:

DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable fibre-based packaging worldwide, which is supported by recycling and papermaking operations. It plays a central role in the value chain across sectors including e-commerce, fast moving consumer goods and industrials. Through its purpose of ‘Redefining Packaging for a Changing World’ and its Now and Next sustainability strategy, DS Smith is committed to leading the transition to the circular economy, while delivering more circular solutions for its customers and wider society – replacing problem plastics, taking carbon out of supply chains and providing innovative recycling solutions. Its bespoke box-to-box in 14 days model, design capabilities and innovation strategy sits at the heart of this response. Headquartered in London and a member of the FTSE 100, DS Smith operates in 34 countries employing around 30,000 people and is a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Its history can be traced back to the box-making businesses started in the 1940s by the Smith family.