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Paper Industry Sustainability Forum 2010 reveals the pathway towards a low-carbon economy

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Paper Industry Sustainability Forum 2010 reveals the pathway towards a low-carbon economy

July 28, 2010 - 23:20
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NANJING, China, July 29, 2010 (Press Release) -The paper industry has evolved in line with the increasing awareness and concern about the impact of climate change around the world.

With this in mind, the "Paper Industry Sustainability Forum 2010 - Paper Industry in a Low-Carbon Century" was held in Nanjing today, a forum jointly organized by the China Paper Association and the China Business News. The forum which centered around the theme of "green, commitment and development" was sponsored by APP-China and supported by other leading paper companies. The forum explored how the Chinese paper industry can continue to adapt to the requirements of a green and low-carbon economy in the post-industrial era.

At the forum, government officials, representatives from the industry associations, leading paper enterprises and NGOs as well as industry experts shared their views on how Chinese paper industry can implement low-carbon management and operational structure, providing useful insights for policymakers and the industry as a whole.

While leading Chinese paper companies like APP-China are committed to lower emissions and reducing energy use through advanced technologies; there are still players in the market who fall into the old stereotype of paper-makers being more or less a troublemaker for the environmental. "As paper demand keeps increasing, the high level of pollution emitted from some paper companies with backward capacity has to be addressed." Wu Changhua, the Greater China Director of The Climate Group, said, "Going green is the only way for the future development of paper industry."

Wu's comments were echoed by some of the heavy-weight industry players. Zheng Rui, Executive Director of APP-China, said, "The future of the paper industry lies in a low-carbon economy and the concept of "plantation-pulp-paper integration", which not only increases carbon sinks and mitigates the climate change but also becomes the essential pathway for greening the paper industry."

"With the features of circular economy and sustainability, the paper industry can maximize energy efficiency and reduce emissions, making a green sustainable industry possible." said Zhao Wei, Secretary General of the China Paper Association.

Zhao added that with the growing public demand for a low carbon economy, the greening of the paper industry fulfills not only social obligations but also supports the continued sustainable development of the industry. He went on to explain that Gold East Paper Company, a subsidiary of APP-China, has set a benchmark for best practice of circular economy and clean production for the industry. Zhao said, "I sincerely hope more paper companies in China can join Gold East Paper Company in greening the paper industry."

As an essential part of our life, the paper industry is increasingly taking on more responsibility for striking a balance between paper consumption and sustainable forest resources, and creating a harmony between human and nature.