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Sappi commits to increased use of recycled fibre; renames secondary fibre division as Sappi ReFibre

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Sappi commits to increased use of recycled fibre; renames secondary fibre division as Sappi ReFibre

September 21, 2010 - 21:35
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BRAAMFONTEIN, South Africa, Sept. 17, 2010 (Press Release) -Sappi Southern Africa is pleased to announce that the business's secondary fibre division, Sappi Waste Paper, has been re-named and re-launched as Sappi ReFibre.

Always at the cutting edge of evolving needs and trends, Sappi is strongly committed to the principles of sustainability, and Sappi ReFibre is part of that commitment. Based on a business model that draws on and empowers an extensive network of independent agents around the country, the division is leading the development of innovative models to recycle paper and minimise waste.

Sappi ReFibre procures board and paper for recycling from its agents, who source it directly from homes, offices, wholesalers and retailers, as well as from manufacturers in both the formal and informal sectors. For Sappi, recovered board and paper is a valuable resource, and it is used to supplement virgin fibre in the papermaking process. Many of the group's papers contain recycled fibres, and one of its mills, the Cape Kraft Mill, uses only recovered paper and board in its manufacturing process.

Why "ReFibre"?

The word "ReFibre" has been specifically developed for Sappi, and is intended to communicate several layers of meaning:

  • The first part of the word, "Re", automatically creates an association between the name of the division and the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" motto of the international recycling movement. It also creates an association with related words such as "rejuvenate" and "revitalise", which refer to the process of renewal and recreation. This positive emphasis is intended to communicate the fact that recycling has a very important role to play in contemporary society, and underlines the fact that used paper and board is a valuable resource and not waste.

  • The word "Fibre", of course, refers to the very core of our business, and brings the importance of secondary fibre into line with the importance of virgin fibre in papermaking.

  • The way we have written the word, with a capital "R" and capital "F", gives equal importance to both aspects of the new name, and creates a completely new terminology to define the processing of previously used paper and board.

"For us at Sappi, recycling is about much more than just cleaning up after ourselves. It is about turning waste into something useful, saving our resources, keeping our landfills from overflowing and creating jobs" says Sappi ReFibre's National Manager, Anton van Rooyen.