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Italy's Benfante Group joins Bosco Marengo Paper Mill to generate maximum value in paper recycling chain through ReLife label

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Italy's Benfante Group joins Bosco Marengo Paper Mill to generate maximum value in paper recycling chain through ReLife label

October 31, 2018 - 04:43
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GENOVA, Italy, Oct. 29, 2018 (Press Release) -The strength of the Italian economy stands in the ability of its entrepreneurs. Six million companies, each with individual skills, have been able to generate important value.

This ability has been handed down from one generation to the next and development strategies have been careful not to lose original identity. This trend is evident in the collection and recovery sector. Logistic costs and low added value of waste have created a scattered market with more than 600 private companies, which rarely exceed a scope of 60 km. The small companies struggle to achieve appreciable scale economies and hardly gain the opportunity to make strategic investments.

11 Italian businesses have taken up the challenge, with the support of Xenon Private Equity, and created ReLife Group.

Benfante Group, already operating with a network of companies for the collection, transport and sorting of recoverable materials, join up with Bosco Marengo Paper Mill, producer of grey board from recovered paper. Together, they take the first step towards industrial integration aimed at generating the maximum value in the paper recycling chain.

ReLife Group brings together traditional efficiency and creative skills of a family-run business with the strength of a well-organised group which is present throughout the country, structured to maximize scale economy and expertise, with a network of international sales.

Now Italian producers and retailers can entrust industrial waste to those who can guarantee multiple solutions and optimize costs while ensuring transparency, traceability and professionality.

Now Italian producers can use recovered paper under the ReLife label to complete the environmental loop and demonstrate to Consumers that the Circular Economy is here and now.

Facts and figures of ReLife Group

  • over 140 million euro turnover
  • 360 employees
  • 500 thousand tons of selected waste
  • 120 thousand tons of reels produced from recycled paper
  • 13 plants in Italy
  • 260 thousand square meters of industrial space dedicated to recovery and recycling
  • 790 thousand tonnes authorized for waste treatment
  • 320 years of total experience as the sum of individual success stories