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Logistics firm Unifeeder enters into agreement with Ranheim Paper & Board in Norway for shortsea transport vs truck

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Logistics firm Unifeeder enters into agreement with Ranheim Paper & Board in Norway for shortsea transport vs truck

August 23, 2018 - 18:54
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AARHUS, Denmark, Aug. 23, 2018 (Press Release) -Unifeeder enters into a unique transport agreement with Greencarrier, Green Cargo, and Ranheim Paper & Board. The agreement includes transport of paper from Trondheim, via the port of Drammen and Rotterdam, to Vienna in Austria by shortsea instead of a truck. Assistant Port Director at Drammen Port; Ivar Vannebo, informs that the new agreement reduces the use of the truck, between the paper mill at Ranheim and the Vienna printing plant, from 2400 kilometers to just 24 kilometers.

Rethinking logistics

‘Until now, we have used exclusively trucking services, and 14,000 trucks have been transported to and from our factory annually. We have a strong desire to become more environmentally friendly and therefore we have now entered into an agreement to use shortsea transport from Trondheim to Vienna’ says Supply Chain Manager Trond Ole Winther in Ranheim Paper & Board

Unifeeder is honored to have an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded companies which are eager to rethink the boundaries of logistics and find more sustainable transport solutions. We hope that such a move from a well-established player like Ranheim Paper & Board will motivate more companies to step away from traditional trucking and explore environmental-friendly as well as cost-efficient options.

"It's approximately 15,000 tonnes, or about 600 containers per year, which will now be transported by rail and boat instead of a truck. We thus save our own environment a lot of pollution and traffic, as well as save the European region a total of 1816 tones* of CO2 emission, says Winther.

About Ranheim Paper & Board

Leading supplier of recycled paper, board and counter reels in the Nordic area. The company uses exclusively brown recycled fiber as raw material. This raw material is referred to as OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) and is collected in Norway and Sweden, where the fiber quality is considerably higher than in continental Europe.

About Unifeeder Shortsea

We find smarter ways to move any type of cargo-using the best combination of sea, rail, and road. We focus on providing intermodal, door-to-door solutions that are cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.