APRIL responds to Auriga Report

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APRIL responds to Auriga Report

August 15, 2018 - 18:33
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JAKARTA, Aug. 15, 2018 (Press Release) -APRIL Group’s operations are guided by ourSustainable Forest Management Policy 2.0(SFMP 2.0) which was launched in June 2015. This policy embeds APRIL’s commitments to no deforestation, responsible peatland management, conservation and restoration, community empowerment and engagement, and verification and transparency.

All fiber supply to our mill is bound by APRIL’s SFMP 2.0, including Open Market supply from PT. Fajar Surya Swadaya (PT FSS). The policy is enforced through socialization, internal due diligence processes, compliance monitoring including internal land cover change monitoring through satellite data, and independent verification by KPMG PRI Canada under the auspices of APRIL’sStakeholder Advisory Committee(SAC).

The recently published2017 audit reportfrom KPMG PRI – Report on APRIL Group’s Implementation of Sustainable Forest Management Policy 2.0 – confirms that APRIL’s zero deforestation and no mixed hardwood use commitments have been upheld. The report also noted significant improvements in enhancing transparency across APRIL’s supply chain and its ability to access supplier data during the year. This includes data from Open Market suppliers and is a focus area for the company and the SAC.

In response to the Report referenced, APRIL Group confirms that PT. Fajar Surya Swadaya (PT FSS) is an Open Market Supplier of plantation wood to the company, starting in June 2017, and following completion of the internal due diligence process.

From the due diligence, we have learned that PT FSS had commissioned Tropenbos International to conduct a High Conservation Value assessment of their concessions in April 2015. Based on this, plantation development was done in non-HCV areas. This information has been conveyed to the authors of the Report.

The due diligence process also required the confirmation of APRIL’s commitment to ensuring community rights are fulfilled. This includes confirmation that appropriate standard operating procedures (SOPs) for resolving land conflicts are in place; the existence of an appropriate external grievance mechanism; adequate fire prevention programs; and community development programs.

APRIL has made PT FSS aware of this query for any further clarifications that may be required. We remain open to any queries or concerns on our suppliers’ compliance with our policy commitments.

APRIL Group also confirms it doesnothave any relationship with PT Silva Rimba Lestari, and has never received any wood from that company.