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Ecosurety joins UK-based not-for-profit organization OPRL as first compliance scheme member

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Ecosurety joins UK-based not-for-profit organization OPRL as first compliance scheme member

August 06, 2018 - 04:30
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SWINDON, UK, Aug. 2, 2018 (Press Release) -As OPRL’s membership continues to expand rapidly, Ecosurety has become the first compliance scheme to sign up to support the two schemes’ joint members more effectively. The acknowledged industry standard on recycling labelling as brands engage their customers in recycling packaging, a new member has joined OPRL every three days in 2018. This latest broadening of membership categories means Ecosurety’s clients can access a fully aligned service on the recyclability and labelling of their packaging as part of their OPRL membership.

Jane Bevis, Chair of OPRL Ltd, said “This is another major step forward for us as we work to strengthen the end to end service members receive. We're over the moon that Ecosurety is joining OPRL and can support our joint members in using our labelling effectively. With an eye to future Extended Producer Responsibility provisions, and as PREP UK, our new designing for recyclability tool, comes online and addresses both environmental and infrastructure impacts, this collaborative approach will help retailers and brands manage their packaging range with circularity fully embedded.”

“Consumers are calling for both clear, simple and consistent labelling, and the assurance that the packaging they use touchesch as lightly as possible on the planet. By working closely with compliance schemes we believe OPRL can support retailers and brands in achieving this."

Commenting on the announcement James Piper, managing director of Ecosurety, said “We are delighted to join OPRL. It was an obvious and natural choice as Ecosurety is committed to making a positive impact on recycling, and the work OPRL undertakes to improve consumer awareness is completely aligned with our own aims. We are looking forward to work closely together on our first project, the #LeedsByExample awareness campaign that starts in September and is targeting on-the-go recycling”.        

1) OPRL Ltd operates the UK-wide On-Pack Recycling Label scheme used by over 600 brands. OPRL is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, with the support of ACE UK, CPI, LARAC and RECOUP as guarantors.

2) Ecosurety is the market leading compliance scheme investing in quality recycling. With more than 1,000 customers including The Co-operative Group, Innocent, Morrisons and Virgin Media, Ecosurety supports efficient and more transparent investment in UK recycling projects via infrastructure, innovation and consumer awareness campaigns. Committed to reducing the environmental impact of UK businesses, and to a tangible increase in UK recycling, Ecosurety helps producers organise quality evidence to ensure they comply with packaging, WEEE, batteries and international regulations.

 3) The OPRL label has three categories which tell consumers how likely it is that their local authority will accept specific packaging materials for recycling:

  • Widely Recycled (75% or more of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging).
  • Check Locally (between 20% and 75% of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging).
  • Not Yet Recycled (fewer than 20% of UK local authorities collect that type of packaging).

4) OPRL’s consumer recognition and response figures are taken from online and face to face survey of UK residents in August and September 2016 that showed at least 7 in 10 consumers recognised and acted on the label, rising to 9 in 10 recognition amongst 18-24 year olds and 8 in 10 among 25-34 year olds.

 5) OPRL has developed a range of tools to support members in designing and producing recyclable packaging, engaging consumers in recycling it effectively, and local authorities in collecting it. Our ambition is to support every stage in the packaging materials cycle to help realise a truly circular economy.

 6) The scheme and its importance is internationally recognised by government and environmental authorities:

  1. The UN Environment Programme in its 2017 publication Guidelines for Providing Consumer Information on Product Sustainability: Global Guidance on Making Effective Environmental, Social and Economic Claims, to Empower and Enable Consumer Choice cites OPRL labels as good practice “Explicit and easy to understand information: Concise visual information, complemented by simple text, helps the consumer to understand not only if the product packaging is recyclable but also whether it can be recycled based on the availability of recycling infrastructure. Guidance is further provided for individual packaging components. It is also clear to the consumer what his/her role is, i.e. to recycle.
  2. The UK Government endorses OPRL labelling in its strategy paper A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, 2018, saying “Achieving zero avoidable plastic waste - At the end of use stage, we will make it easier for people to recycle by continuing to support the industry-led On-Pack Recycling Labelling system and encourage all brands and retailers to use this system to provide information to householders.”
  3. The National Infrastructure Commission said in its report The National Infrastructure Assessment, 2018, “Better packaging design, clearer labelling, fewer hard to recycle plastics, and tougher recycling targets (of 65 percent of municipal waste and 85 percent of plastic packaging by 2030) could all reduce residual waste and mitigate the need to build additional infrastructure.”
  4. WRAP said in its Consistency of Collections Report, 2016, “Brands and retailers not currently using the widely recognised On Pack Recycling Label labelling scheme are strongly encouraged to adopt this labelling on all packaging placed on the UK market.”

7) OPRL is sponsoring the Design Team of the Year Award at the 2018 UK Packaging Awards, re-focusing the brief to ensure sustainability and consumer engagement in recycling are at the heart of the criteria.