Oregon reopens stretch of river after International Paper mill oil spill

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Oregon reopens stretch of river after International Paper mill oil spill

April 02, 2018 - 15:20
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SPRINGFIELD, OR, April 2, 2018 (The Register-Guard) -The McKenzie River and two boat ramps will be reopened Friday morning after a three-day closure because of an oil spill earlier in the month.

The Bellinger and Hendricks Bridge boat ramps will open at 9 a.m., said Lane County spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge. Hayden Bridge Boat Ramp — the closest ramp to where oil was found on the river earlier in March — will remain closed.

“The floating barriers that had been placed across the river have mostly been removed,” Ashbridge said. “However, there is still a lot of equipment in the water between Hayden Bridge and the mouth of the Mohawk River. Boaters should watch for the equipment and stay as far away from it as possible.”

About 200 gallons of hydraulic oil from a paper machine at the International Paper mill on North 42nd Street flowed through a 2-mile pipe and into the McKenzie River downstream of Hayden Bridge. An oily sheen first was reported March 13 near the bridge and a cleanup of the waterway and the pipe has been underway since.

Register-Guard - Lane County reopens stretch of McKenzie River, two boat ramps near recent oil spill site


Oregon Department of Environmental Quality - Update on McKenzie River Oil Release Cleanup; March 23, 2018

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