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Kemira relaunches KemForm with new silica for improving paper quality and strength

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Kemira relaunches KemForm with new silica for improving paper quality and strength

June 24, 2013 - 22:13
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HELSINKI, June 24, 2013 (Press Release) -Fiber gives paper strength and printability. In the past, less fiber meant lower strength and poor printability. KemForm is changing the equation.

Two trends continue to cause headaches for the paper industry: recycled water and reused fiber. Both are creating problems with the strength and quality of the end product. Traditional chemistries struggle in closed systems. KemForm, however, thrives.

It is a solution concept that uses Kemira's Fennosil micropolymers, linear polymers and silica or clay to create an application-specific solution perfectly suited for the mill. This year, KemForm is being relaunched with new silica that has smaller particle dimensions, making it work more effectively with the other new component, a new micropolymer. Combined, these upgrades bring even better performance to the concept.

"We are targeting productivity and the quality of the customers end product," says Marco Polverari, Sr Manager, Marketing, Paper. "KemForm overcomes the limitations of current paper making technology for sheets with high ash or filler content," he says. "Normally, adding more filler reduces the paper quality. With KemForm, less fiber is needed to maintain or increase paper quality."

Typically, inorganic fillers, such as clay and calcium carbonates, are large particles that do not penetrate the organic fiber matrix of the paper well. KemForm allows the filler particles to be incorporated into the fiber matrix more thoroughly and evenly throughout the sheet.

In the board industry, KemForm is used primarily for improving strength and board sheet formation, allowing better bending and folding of the consumer product package. In the paper industry, speed and quality are the key factors. Productivity gains come from the improved dewatering of the sheets with KemForm, allowing the paper machines to run faster.

"When the fiber layout in the paper sheet is optimized, we get better dewatering," explains Polverari. "This reduces the amount of water needed to produce each ton of paper."

More and more paper mills are closing their water cycle. Combined with recycled fiber, these closed systems experience high levels of contamination. Under these conditions, traditional chemistries no longer work. KemForm, on the other hand, performs like a charm. It has been developed on the back of Kemira's decades of hands-on experience in paper and board production. "Here we have a concept that caters specifically to the needs of our paper and board customers," ends Polverari.

3 Facts:

  • KemForm allows papermakers to add value for their customers through better sheet surface properties and printability.

  • By using KemForm, paper mills can reach a sheet ash content of 35% without lowering strength or printability.

  • KemForm not only improves machine efficiency, but also improves end-product properties.