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Clariant launches greenish blue substantive dyes for more simplified dyeing process

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Clariant launches greenish blue substantive dyes for more simplified dyeing process

March 04, 2010 - 20:05
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MUTTENZ, Switzerland, March 5, 2010 (Press Release) -Specialty chemicals expert Clariant launches Cartasol Blue 4GF liq, setting a new benchmark in the paper market for greenish blue substantive dyes. The new dye generates cost benefits for paper producers by creating a faster and more simplified dyeing process.

Clariant, a market leader in coloration and paper dyes, developed in their R&D and application laboratories Cartasol Blue 4GF liq as the latest addition to its Cartasol F dye range to address the current gap in the market for a high quality green blue dye with improved properties.

Cartasol Blue 4GF liq is a high affinity dye that can be used alone or in combination with other anionic and cationic dyes from Clariant's Carta®, Cartasol F and Cartasol K ranges to create attractive brilliant blue, aqua, green and greenish blue shades of tissue or fine paper.

The green shade means reduced need for low affinity anionic turquoise dyes which even after high fixative dosages show high residual color in the approach system and effluent. Reduction of fixative dosage gives brighter shades and simplifies the dye application to bring cost saving benefits to paper producers.

The dye produces clear backwaters. This facilitates machinery cleaning requirements during recirculation and ensures a more ecologically efficient dyeing process by reducing the negative environmental impact of loss of color in effluent waste water.

Cartasol Blue 4GF liq is ISEGA certified for use in food contact papers, which opens up opportunities for its use in many applications.

Like all Clariant Cartasol F dyes, Cartasol Blue 4GF liq offers good bleedfastness and bright shade. Color two-sidedness can be reduced or eliminated. The dye is not sensitive to pH variations and can be applied in the pH range 4-9 without effecting retention. As a liquid dye Cartasol Blue 4GF is particularly suitable for continuous addition.

Ian Jewell Global Product Manager of Clariant's Paper Business comments: "Clariant is one of the leaders in the paper coloration market with its complete range of yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and turquoise dyes but does not rest and continues to do active R&D to improve the range. Our close cooperation with paper producers gives us first-hand knowledge of the areas where they would like to improve not only their paper quality but also their operating efficiency. With this dye customers asked for the greenest shade possible and also a pH value which would not disrupt their retention system. With the launch of Cartasol Blue 4GF, we are therefore pleased to be able to offer the market a new opportunity to improve their paper coloration with this substantive greenish blue dye."