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Clariant introduces new improved paper fluorescence quenching agent for papermakers

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Clariant introduces new improved paper fluorescence quenching agent for papermakers

March 04, 2010 - 20:00
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MUTTENZ, Switzerland, March 5, 2010 (Press Release) -Specialty chemicals expert Clariant sets a new paper industry benchmark in fluorescence removal with the return of new and improved Cartarex® NT liq fluorescence quenching agent for papermakers. Cartarex NT liq achieves up to 70% more effective quenching than competitor products for rapid cleansing of residual fluorescence from paper machines and for quenching fluorescence in broke, recycled fiber and deinked pulps.

Clariant, a market leader in paper chemicals, has developed significant improvements to its already powerful Cartarex NT liq.

Cartarex NT is capable of practically eliminating unwanted fluorescence in paper with nearly no yellowing effect. Its effectiveness extends to the disulpho class of optical brightening agents (OBAs) which are recognized as being the most resistant to quenching. This capability puts it at the forefront of fluorescence quenching performance throughout water circulation and stock preparation equipment when changing over from a brightened paper to a non-brightened grade.

Papermakers can also take advantage of production time savings and cost benefits thanks to Cartarex NT's high effectiveness. Its rapid quenching and resulting minimal impact on system runability lead to considerably shorter changeover times, allowing an increase in production output and efficiency.

Andrew Jackson, Global Product Manager for Optical Brighteners at Clariant comments: "While papermakers and their customers generally look for the highest whiteness levels, some mills need to produce grades free from fluorescence on the same machine. Clariant's improved Cartarex NT liq provides an incredibly powerful and therefore highly valued solution for eliminating fluorescence from paper and machines. Its overall combination of benefits makes the agent the most cost-effective on the market for producing a fully-quenched sheet."

Cartarex NT liq complements Clariant's Cartarex 2L liq to provide papermakers with the ability to choose the most cost-effective solution for a particular application.