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CalciTech procures waste carbide lime deposit in Northern Spain

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CalciTech procures waste carbide lime deposit in Northern Spain

June 21, 2010 - 02:17
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GENEVA, June 21, 2010 (Business Wire) -CalciTech Ltd. announces that it has secured rights to a 1.5 million tonne waste carbide lime deposit located at Guardo in Northern Spain. This waste originates from the manufacture of carbide produced from local limestone and coal from the region for acetylene gas production, which was used to make PVC. This facility is now closed leaving an extensive waste deposit stored on open land adjacent to the river running through the town and is highly alkaline and classed as hazardous.

The waste lime will be converted into high quality Synthetic Calcium Carbonate for customers in the paper industry and finished product will be mainly for export. Although production may be feasible at Guardo, a production site near the port of Santander may be a more economic alternative. The production benchmark will be determined from the feasibility study now to be conducted.

Michael Watts, Marketing Director comments "This material will provide an excellent economic source of high quality SCC to meet paper industry specification with a strong positive environmental impact to the region."

The Guardo Township would benefit from recovery of the land with the elimination of this polluting source of waste and the site can be returned to its natural state. The waste material use will allow the sequester of CO2 emissions and permit carbon credits to be claimed. Potential employment will be created and CalciTech expects to receive state assistance to build this plant when the feasibility is successfully completed.

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