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Austria-based Cardbox Packaging rolls out two new sustainable coating products

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Austria-based Cardbox Packaging rolls out two new sustainable coating products

July 06, 2020 - 04:55
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VIENNA, Austria, June 30, 2020 (Press Release) -At Cardbox Packaging, we have a clear vision about our role in a circular economy, and therefore we are making a path for packaging products that are friendly to our environment. Since mid-2018, we have been developing a new, sustainable range of coatings in order to offer alternative packaging in the food industry.


More consumers are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic and plastic-laminated packaging to reduce plastic waste, and companies are responding. This creates considerable demand for recyclable carton-board packaging, making use of renewable resources which offer an alternative in the discussion of Circular Economy. However, there is a substantial amount of packaging products using plastic laminated cardboard. Our goal has been to substitute these laminated carton-board through dispersion-based coatings in order to achieve 100% recyclability.

From the beginning, we have set a clear target: First, to substitute cardboard-laminated (PE and OPP) materials with our coatings, then moving into PET- and other plastic laminated carton-board, including pure plastic packaging.

Today, we can roll out two of our new product range to the market:

  • CBX CBC FF (Cardbox Circular Barrier Coating Frozen Food)
  • CBX CBC GR (Cardbox Circular Barrier Coating Grease)

CBX CBC FF is focused on the substitution of PE-coated cardboard material, through a 100% recyclable cardboard alternative for applications of the frozen food market including fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.

CBX CBC GR has a broader range of sustainable coatings for different greasy products, such as cakes, chocolates, pastries, etc.

Our coatings are free of fluorine chemicals, and therefore offer an alternative to existing carton-board materials equipped with Kit treatment containing fluorine. A further extended product range will be rolled out in the future, targeting properties, including but not limited to, a water-vapor barrier. Additionally, we will be introducing the Eco Tray, a cardboard tray equipped with CBX CBC xx coating and sealing properties, in more details soon.

Through these developments, Cardbox Packaging emphasizes its commitment to the real circular economy.