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Clariant to showcase its chemicals at China Paper 2010 exhibition in Shanghai

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Clariant to showcase its chemicals at China Paper 2010 exhibition in Shanghai

August 25, 2010 - 22:50
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MUTTENZ, Switzerland, Aug. 26, 2010 (Press Release) -Under the banner of "Creating Value in a world of paper", global specialty chemicals company Clariant will attend the China Paper exhibition in Shanghai from September 15 - 17 at the Intex at Shanghai, China. As an established leader in providing high quality solutions for the paper industry across the world, Clariant will showcase its expertise in the area of coloration, whiteness, surface & coating, as well as processing chemicals during the 3-day show.

Cartabond® series crosslinkers for improved quality in offset printing and converting

The series provides crosslinkers for improved quality in offset printing and converting. During printing and converting operations such as sheeting, rolling and de-curling, free particles tend to form dust, causing production stoppages and reduced printing quality. This is especially true when the paper surface needs to be wetted out for printing or converting operations.

Cartabond crosslinkers offer improved wet surface strength by decreasing the water solubility and/or aqueous swelling of binders and fibers close to the paper surface. They create additional links between the binder polymer molecules, the cellulosic fibers and the filler or surface pigment particles. Cartabond crosslinkers are highly reactive. They quickly crosslink as soon as water is evaporated from the paper surface in the drying section of the paper machine. Cartabond TSI, Cartabond EPI, Cartabond MZI and Cartabond KZI are available depending on the specific paper type and printing application.

Cartafluor® CFI liquid - Oil & grease resistance for food packaging

Cartafluor CFI is a highly efficient cationic fluoropolymer providing grease and oil-resistance for paper and board. Additionally a degree of water resistance is also achieved via the sizing effect. The product functions by absorbing onto individual fibers, imparting a low surface energy to the substrate and is designed for the treatment of sized and unsized paper. Due to its performance and ecological properties it provides considerable benefits in the high-end industries such as food packaging.

Main characteristics and advantages of Cartafluor CFI liquid:

  • Cationic, high molecular weight fluoropolymer
  • Providing grease, oil and water resistance to paper and board
  • Versatile product: application in wet-end or size press
  • Food contact approval from FDA and BfR

Cartasol® M range - coloration for packaging & newsprint

Another group of products to be featured at China Paper 2010 is the Cartasol M range. They have been developed especially for the packaging and newsprint market and combine superior technical performance with an improved Health and Safety profile at a competitive cost.

Cartasol M products are ideally suited for the dyeing of papers based on mechanical, recycled and unbleached pulp. They have been developed specifically for packaging applications as a technically advanced alternative for basic and anionic direct dyes. Compared to basic dyes, Cartasol M products offer a faster attainment of shade and a higher stability with significantly higher light fastness. This product range is available in Yellow, Orange, Brown and Black to suit the varying needs in the packaging and board industry.

Tailored white paper solutions

When it comes to tinting white papers one single solution may not always be applicable. Recognizing this limitation, Clariant offers creative, easy-to-control tinting solutions, tailored for specific mills' needs, making it versatile enough to produce the desired white grades. This is achieved by offering a full line of specialty dyestuffs, pigment dispersions and specialty optical brightening agents for coated and uncoated free sheet as well as lignin containing grades.

"With strong expertise in tinting and the full range product portfolio, Clariant can provide the paper sector with tailor-made and easy-to-control white paper solutions. We can support customers' selection of the right combination of optical brightening agent and tinting dyes or pigments to meet their requirements regarding whiteness level and their process conditions," says Andy Walti, Head of BU Paper Specialties, Region Asia Pacific.

"With this optimized combination resulting from strong partnerships with our customers, papermakers can reduce the consumption of OBA and related costs significantly," continues Walti.

Clariant offers customized recipes for an improved whiteness depending on the customer's requirements:

  • Brightness
  • Whiteness
  • Shade of whiteness
  • Application (wet-end, size-press, coating)

The China Paper exhibition will be held for the 18th time this year in Shanghai. Clariant will be exhibiting at booth 2900 on level 2 of INTEX in Shanghai.