New Voith rotor for virgin pulp reduces energy consumption by up to 30%

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New Voith rotor for virgin pulp reduces energy consumption by up to 30%

August 21, 2014 - 09:38
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HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Aug. 21, 2014 (Press Release) -Voith has brought a new IPV Rotor for virgin pulp onto the market. The new component has already proven itself for some months under mill conditions and shows its strengths here: energy consumption of the new rotor can be up to 30 per cent less than that of conventional technologies. This also enables energy costs to be lowered by up to 30,000 euros annually.

The IPV Rotor is part of the LowEnergy rotor family and was developed for application in the IntensaPulper (IP) by Voith as well as a retrofit component for existing Voith pulper and third party systems for processing virgin pulp (V). But the rotor can also be used to slush other clean raw materials like broke or fresh fiber.

The substantial reduction in energy consumption of up to 30 per cent is achieved by an innovative design that improves the flow characteristics inside the pulper. In addition, the pulping process can be further improved through integration of a so-called bale breaker. The bale breaker loosens the hard-pressed pulp bales before the actual dissolution in the pulper and thus disburdens the rotor, which has a further positive effect on energy consumption.

In practice, the new rotor has already proven itself in the IntensaPulper and in rebuilt pulpers of various paper manufacturers where they are delivering convincing results there. In the installations operating in the market, energy reductions range up to 4 kWh/t, depending on the raw material in use. This translates into savings in energy costs of up to 30,000 euros annually and the investment pays for itself within a very short period of time.